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    Wicket after the grooming today. Never made it to the DMV.

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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Oooh Baileys...... Once when we were moving from Japan to stateside, I had a bottle of Bailey's. (Like I'm telling you all a great bedtime story....). So I had a gallon of vanilla ice cream too, so every evening I would put a couple of scoops in a soup bowl, and then pour the Bailey's over, until I had soup..... Slept quite well every night, and finished the Bailey's before we transferred. The end..

    Yeah, my husband and I were doing that during our last few months in Victoria (State in Australia) just before we moved to Tasmania (another State in Australia) ... large bowls of ice cream topped with Bailey's and others.

    In fact, while we were packing, that was often dinner ... with a side of whatever we wanted to use up in the cupboards.

    It's probably no wonder I hit my highest weight ever not long after. :grin:

    Machka in Oz

    With stuff in refrigerators and freezers, if its a long move, well then I usually call all my friends up and they haggle over all of it. I have no problem giving opened boxes of pasta, frozen chicken to friends. It beats throwing it away! I have only done it twice, because the Navy most often gives you a heads up with moves.
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 8.02min, 149mhr, 11.2amph. 1.4mi= 95c
    apple watch- 68c
    ROWING MACHINE- 15min, 47aw, 99mhr, 2314meters= 67c
    apple watch-94c
    ROPE PULL- 5min, midset, lvl5, mhr104, 141.1meters 132mhr = 35c
    Apple watch- 53c
    bike ride gym 2 dome- 5.58min, 14.1amph, 149mhr, 1.4mi= 64c
    apple watch- 45c
    RIDE BIKE PUY 2 SUMN STA- 15.15min, 152mhr, 12amph, 3mi= 166c
    apple watch- 120c
    jog sta 2 wk- 5.18min, 155mhr, 10.04min mi, .5mi= 96c
    apple watch- 60c
    jog wk 2 sta- 4.55min, 9.35min mi, 152mhr, .5mi= 76c
    apple watch- 59c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 16.54min, 9amph, 165mhr, 2.5mi- 214c
    apple watch- 155c

    total cal 841
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    Evening ladies. It presently is 23 degrees here and feels like 11. But I a, sitting nice and warm in my house. I decided not to go to choir practice because I didn't know what singing big choir numbers would do to my uncontrolled blood pressure. I called my family doctor today and he doubled one of my medicines but when I took my blood pressure at supper it was to high for comfort. It wasn't bad if I am just sitting at home but not to get out in this freeze and sing.

    I will sure be glad when I get sensation back in my fingers. It is really weird the sensation I have when I type. It's like something is crashin and breaking as it hits the keyboard. And even though they are numb, they are freezing cold. My few doesn't feel like that, just the fingers. Of course I don't type with my face.

    Juaquim ans Olivia are growing up so much. Both are beauties.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    :) Stats for today:
    *18,000 steps
    *188 minutes walking Sasha and Bessie
    *117 minutes riding the exercise bike
    *line dance class
    *monthly visit to the chiropractor
    *finished knitting another hat

    :)<3Joyce, I am so sorry to hear about your continuing health challenges and especially that it's interference with your singing.

    :)<3Allie, I am so sorry to hear about the continuing challenges with your dad. Sending hugs to you.

    :) We picked my walking friend up at the bus today so she's safely home from California. We'll be walking together again tomorrow.

    <3 Barbie from above freezing NW Washington

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    Evie - I have to get my workout done first thing in the morning or else it doesn't get done. The one time I had to do it during the day, I really had to convince myself that I needed to do it

    KJ - I'm so jealous. Glad you girls had a great time. I'm sure Joaquin stole everyone's heart

    Barbara - There was something in the paper today about how it was warmer in Ankorage Alaska than it is here in NC

    frankiesgirl - good luck on the hip replacement

    Marcelyn - aren't you glad that we have global warming????

    monster - welcome back

    Can you imagine Olivia and Joaquin together?????

    Vince's throat is dry. He was mentioning just a few minutes ago that maybe having some Amaretto will help. I just gave him hot chocolate.

    Michele in NC
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    Karen in Virginia, Olivia is so cute! Her parents must have a heck of a time saying "no" to that face! You don't have to say no, being the gramma, lol!
    Wendy, I pack my lunch the night before. Quite often I take homemade soup with a few crackers and some cheese, but that does involve the microwave. Alternately, I take powdered soup, Lipton cup a soup mostly, so the kettle comes into play there. I will sometimes take a sandwich, which I will make the night before. If the sandwich involves tomatoes, which is usual, I slice them and put them in a separate container so nothing gets soggy. Any of the above with a container of fresh veggies and/or some fruit and I'm good to go.
    Allie and Lanette, I'd just be having the Bailey's!!! lol
    Allie, my dad had CHF also and was on apixaban. He was in hospital for about a month before he passed, he was in and out of the current reality. I was told he didn't have dementia but was suffering from a lack of oxygen to the brain. He always knew who I was, and even knew our younger son, whom he hadn't seen for a year. It was 3 years on Dec 28. I don't miss him often, but every once in awhile.... He was definitely ready to go tho, too many losses in his life. The final straw was his baby sister, he only lasted 7 weeks after she passed.
    Today was a good day. Food went well, we did make your own pizza for dinner tonight, so good and just what I was craving! The best part of it was, because I did a good session on the elliptical this morning, I had calories for dessert too and still came out with 200ish left! I am quite full and will not eat them,, but so nice to have that cushion!
    DH and I both had appt's with our gp today. Of course, he's away, but he had a locum in to cover and we only needed prescription refills. And she decided that we both needed blood work done. Oh yay, oh well, won't be that bad, we can book appt's for the lab online so at least we won't have to wait for hours. Yes, it can be that much of a wait. And that's at the lab, don't get me started on walk in clinics or even the emergency dept at the hospital! If you come in by ambulance or are bleeding profusely you get in faster but otherwise, you wait. Our health care system is great, but our doctor shortage is brutal. DH and I are lucky to have a gp, many here don't, hence the long waits at the clinics. Crazy stuff.
    Must go and brush my teeth! Have a great night/day ladies.
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Terry! YIKES! That's a crazy amount of snow!!
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    Ohhhh no, Terry, and here I've been thinking a little snow would be so nice and pretty.....BUT I don't want anything that looks like that!!!!

    Be careful <3

    Janetr OKC
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    January Plans!

    I'm in the midst of last-minute preparations for the next couple weeks ... well, actually, probably the rest of January!!

    I am working 4 days this week ... and trying to get a project up to a certain point. I'll submit it to my project partner on Friday (tomorrow).

    I have the weekend off ... yay! Exercise time! Also last minute catch-up time in my home office and with the stuff I need to do for my main cycling club.

    Then starting on Monday, I'm in university full-time for the rest of the week and the first 3 days of the following week. It is an "intensive" course where I just take the one course, but go all day, every day 9:00 - 5:00.

    Then on the last 2 days of that week (18th & 19th) there will be "at-home" tutorials for 2 hours each day. Fortunately, it sounds like they are probably online and I can do them anytime, so I can return to work full time those days, and do the tutorials when I get home after work. That's good because I'll have used up much of my leave time by then and so I'll need to work!

    Plus there's an exam prep & assignment finalisation class all day on January 29th, an assignment worth 25% of the mark due on February 4 and then the final exam on February 8. I can work on the assignment and study for the final at home in the evenings after work.

    In addition to that, I've got the 10K run event on January 14th, so I'll be squeezing some training into my days. I do have a bit of time off for lunch in the middle of each university day so I might go for a run then ... or at least walk or something.

    And my husband and I are planning a long bicycle ride on the last weekend of January, so I'll also try to get some riding in on the weekends leading up to that.

    I think that's pretty much it for January. :)

    Because at some point mid-January I will probably start actively logging what I eat and staying within my calories, in an attempt to drop the Christmas weight, I am trying to figure out what I can bring with me to university. I have my lunches down pat at work, but it is more complicated at uni. I have nowhere to keep stuff cool and limited options for cooking. That might be a bit of a challenge.

    Machka in Oz
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    This morning's meditation lesson (my 3rd) focused on "Believe". I really wasn't into it, as I'm more of a hoper, than a believer, but dutifully tried to visualize belief coming in with every breath. When I got back from T'ai Chi, Joe started talking about the Avenue of the Giants. Finally he said Eureka is only 80 some miles south of Crescent City and surely there are dog-friendly places to stay nearby. I mentioned that's close to McKinleyville where my childhood friend lives. Joe volunteered to take us there! We've done no traveling for fun since I retired. Every time I've suggested a trip, Joe's reacted negatively, understandably considering the hellish move. So now I feel like Something moved in Joe to show me belief in miracles is possible. Go figure.

    Becca your husband's transformation-miraculous! Joe gave me a bottle of Kerrygold, it's kind of a chocolate Bailey's. Stirred into Greek yoghurt it makes a yummy not-quite-ice-cream bedtime snack ;}
    Karen in VA could it be cuter? Olivia AND a kitten???
    Terry and Lanette, thanks so much. Esophageal spasm sure sounds like it. Both kinds... the diffuse (with regurgitation-eeeuuww) when, after waiting too long to eat, the first bite is of protein, and now lately the nutcracker (no puking) amidst first cup of tea. Tomorrow, I'll see if cooler or less tea triggers.
    Allie ((hugs)) Coyotes on top of everything else on your plate? Tea with Bailey's sounds just the ticket. ((hugs))
    Wendy would work allow you to bring in a hot plate or electric skillet? We haven't had a microwave for over a year. At first missed it most for reheating my tea, but now I just pour the tea into a thermos to keep it warm. Agree with you that microwaves have bad effect on foods, especially those containing oils or fats.
    Joyce when do you see your Dr again? Hope s/he'll have some plan for your fingers. Not going out in the cold when BP already too high, good choice, tho I'm sure you were missed.
    pip 6 days with headaches? Yuck.
    Michele, Amaretto vs Hot Cocoa, hmm, think I'd go for BOTH :)

    Well I blew the 20 minute resolution but really wanted to catch up.

    Mindful and WARM Hugs to all,
    desismileys_4280.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
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    Wendy, I don't know if this is something you could do, but I use a small crockpot at work like a double boiler. I've been doing that about 10 years now. Works beautifully. (ditched microwaves about 15 years ago)
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    Just in case you wondered what my course (starting this coming Monday) was ... this is it ...

    Data Analysis
    In today's world, the prevalent use of technology and automation have resulted in an explosion in the quantity of data, often referred to as "big data", accumulated by business and by researchers. Data warehouses have been used to set up repositories for this big data. Data is seen as a critical asset for decision-making. Raw data, however, is of little value. In order to obtain insights from this big data analytical techniques are required to turn the data in the repositories into knowledge, by extracting information and identifying patterns, upon which actions can be taken. This unit will help students appreciate the value of using business intelligence tools, data mining techniques and information visualisation methods for the analysis of big data. In this unit students will explore the concepts and technology of business intelligence and experience designing and building business intelligence systems. Students will also gain an understanding of various methods and techniques and applications for data mining. Students will also investigate information visualization tools and techniques to represent the big data in forms that more readily convey embedded information. Students will gain an understanding of the major research issues in the area of big data.

    Won't that be fun!! :grin:

    Machka in Oz