JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS | Round 30



  • Morelittletoys
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    5’7 50-something female vegetarian
    SW 66.1
    GW 63

    1/28 65.5kg out to lunch and managed to keep food and wine under control to stay stable at least. 9km walk.
    1/29 65.5 20min run, 20 min row, strength work. No alcohol during the week.
    1/30 65.5kg argh scales not moving. Gym, weights, half hour swim. Eating within calorie range. Frustrated.
    1/31 65.2kg It moves! Early cross trainer and then on the road travelling. Feeling good without midweek drinking.
    1/1 64.7kg it moves again! Went for a jog, a walk and a swim. Love this group and what it’s doing for me.
    2/1 64.7kg Away from home and not in my usual territory. Swim, short jog and walk. A little looser with my calories today, not so extreme. Still just over 1000. First glass of wine for the week.
    2/2 64.9kg argh. Swings and roundabouts I guess. Walk and planning a swim later on. Lots of gardening and see how we go.
    2/3 64.4kg feeling good, jog in the morning, then driving 4 hours.
    2/4 64.5kg weights session, swim and sitting at a desk most of the day. Feeling good about keeping on track.
    2/5 65.5 usually weigh myself first thing but forgot and drank a bottle of water so not a benchmark. Oh well. Feeling like a bit of plateau happening.
  • enlightenme2
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    R25SW: 100.4 R25EW: 99.8 (-0.6)
    R26SW: 99.8 R26EW: 100.6 (+0.8)
    R27SW:100.6 R27EW: 103.6 (+3.6)
    R28SW:103.6 R28EW: 99.8 (-3.8)
    R29SW: 99.8 R29EW: 97.9 (-1.9)

    R30GW: Going to try for 96 this time I'm going to try increasing my fats and really decreasing my carbs.
    I need to make my daily water goal 96oz

    01/28 - 97.8 Ate within calorie limit, but as is the case with every weekend, I'm not as strict on sodium intake
    01/29 - 99.4 - Yikes! The salt I'm sure, but not just - yesterday was a hard day resisting food
    01/30 - 99 - From what I've learned from these past challenges is that it generally takes 3 days to undo salt damage for me. The only difference food wise is that I've increased my healthy fats - i'm flirting with the idea of a keto diet but since I know absolutely nothing about it, im doing research first. Tips and pointers appreciated though01/31 - 98.6 - Soooo slow coming back down. I really cannot let my guard down on weekends
    02/1 - 97.9 - Back on track!
    02/2 - 98 - all on track, a little low on the water but food was ok
    02/3 - 98.2 - Under calorie and water goal. I hate the weekend weight creeps feels like tomorrow will be up again. It's weird, up until now I used the "If you ate like today in five weeks you'd weigh..." as a gage... If it says 92.5 and up, the likelihood is I'm going to register a gain... anything lower is a loss. But yesterday's number was 90 and I registered a gain... meh!
    02/4 - 98.4 :s - Would LOVE for once not to register a gain on weekends! This is plain ridiculous. I didn't even have anything which would cause this gain... Not yesterday, not the day before. Under my calorie goal, over my water goal. A little salt in a lamb tajine but come on! At least it's only 400g but still grrr

    02/5 - 98.2 no comment about the yo-yo effect