Ladies - How many pounds for YOU to lose a pants size?



  • polish328
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    7 lbs = a new dress or pant size for me
  • ryenday
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    Dunno. 26 lb down, still in size 14 pants. :(. Albeit the fit is getting loose, but 12 still too uncomfortable to wear.
  • Hotrodmomma1981
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    I am 5'3" and have lost 40lbs I was wearing a size 28 and now I am wearing a size 24 It all depends on how your body stores the fat for me I have wide hip area with belly fat so it took me 20lbs to drop down a pant size.
  • jennifer_417
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    Since I seem to lose more slowly from my waist than anywhere else, for me it was closer to 20 lbs.
  • mctheresa
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    It all depends on how large you are to begin with.. I started a size 28/30 plus size at 350 lbs.. I've lost 30lbs and Im still size 28 it will take me a good 50 lb loss to get down to a size 26. Then about 25 more lbs to a size 24 , and 25 more lbs to a size 22 , then another 20 lbs to a size 20,, I was a size 20/22 at 250 5 years ago . I've got a long journey ahead of me lol .. For a person who only has 20 to 30 lbs to lose even 5 lbs can change dress/pants size
  • lucerorojo
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    I don't wear jeans anymore but i took me about 30 lbs. to fit into a fitted Xtra large dress from a 2x My starting weight was 237. I'm down to 195 and my xlarge pants are starting to fall down. They are very loose but I can still wear them. In another 5-10 lbs. that won't be possible. I have some size 12 blouses and dresses that I think will take me another 25-30 lb. Loss to get into. My gw is 137. I was an "old size" 12 at that weight (in the 90s) which is probably a size 6 or 8 today.
  • lois1231
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    Depends how they are made for me. I started at a size 18 and a 4x in shirts. Now I can wear some size 16s but not if they are jean material and an 18-20 in shirts which is a 1x or 2x.
  • Angierae75
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    Update: I got into a 14 around 185 and I’m now at 178 and probably will try on some 12s when I hit 170.
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    I'm 5'1" From 225 to 193 I went down from a 20 to a 16, but I'm back up to 203 and still in the 16s so I probably could have dropped sooner than I did.

  • Iwantahealthierme30
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    I just recently fit into a 14. It took 24 pounds lost.
  • Running_and_Coffee
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    Between 7-10 lbs to go from a 6 to a 4. I think it’s because I carry extra pounds in my hips, so a little bit makes a big difference.
  • packersfan0103
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    188 size 18 in jeans, xl in pants and shirt
  • jlscherme
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    I find this thread very interesting. I’m 5’11’’ and was a size 18 at 230#, now a 10 at 165#.
  • yweight2020
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    10 lbs
  • birdenerd
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    I was a size 12 in 8th grade when I weighed ~165 lbs and was 5'5" tall and a decade later I'm still a size 12 at ~185 lbs and 5'6" which I think is interesting. I'm wondering if losing 30 lbs will mean going down 2-3 sizes for me? It will be cool to be wearing a smaller clothing size than I was in middle school.
  • Dame_sans_merci
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    For me (morbidly obese) it takes nearly 2 stone to drop a dress size on my bottom half. Some say 10lbs to drop but I think it’s all relative to starting size and works more on a percentage drop. So for someone like me (starting out as UK size 24) to lose 10lb, it’s only going to be a small ratio compared to my overall size. For someone who is a UK size 10 to drop 10lb.....that is huge compared to their overall stats
    HDBKLM Posts: 466 Member
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    It took me the first 35 pounds (5'3", 190 to 155) before I dared try on 'normal clothes' like button down shirts and jeans. Since I'm a big-time apple shape, with a short torso no less, my best strategy at the higher weights had been leggings and huge shirts rather than larger trousers. Anyway, when I finally bought real trousers I got a 30 (jeans sizes so inches, and according to the company's sizing chart 3 of the jeans sizes = 2 dress sizes so each inch is 2/3 of a size?) in a low-rise stretch denim but probably should have been in a 31. I'm still in those 30s now at 140 pounds but probably should be in 29s. I also managed to button 28s in the same brand and series but with muffin top. If we say 3 jeans sizes/2 dress sizes in around 15 pounds then for me 7.5-ish pounds per size at the moment?

    I've been losing proportionately in the bust and hips; my waist has been losing more quickly (i.e., my current waist size is 78% of its starting measurement; my current bust and hips are both about 84% of their starting size), but waist is maybe not so relevant in low-rise jeans.
  • Foodfavor
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    I have lost 40 pounds and haven't gone down in size. I'm 5"7 starting weight 310# for reference.

    Edit: added height + starting weight