JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS - Round 43



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    6/10 = 190.8 (+0.6), BF% = 15.3. Yesterday was a mixed bag. Basketball was great, eating, not so much. My wife was a horrible, insidious influence. I know my eating is my responsibility, but she was in rare form. I need to find a kind way to talk with her about this, because I can deal with temptation, but not sabotage from my wife.

    I feel your pain! I've gained a lot of weight the past 5 years as a result of a new marriage and my husband's indulgent tendencies. Every meal is his "last supper"! He's also gained weight. I've tried to talk with him to no avail. And you are right, I just have to take responsibility and I guess from now on he can either eat what I serve or make his own dinner.... I hope your wife is more responsive!

    Thank you for the validation @sunshinegirlnm !! I wish you luck with your husband, too!

    @sunshinegirlnm & @puddlegoober Ouch! have you let your spouses know how important your health goals are? Also, have you asked for their help? Will (new boyfriend) and I are both on the same page when it comes to fat loss and health; we keep each other on track while out on dates and daily via the phone.
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    marcvb35 wrote: »
    1988 high school graduation 185-190lbs
    weight on 1/29/18 = 234.5
    6/10 – 191lbs – eat good. Had an entire jar of pickles 3 days in a row now. love them but maybe to much salt.
    6/11 190lbs – no pickles and down a pound over the weekend. That’s unheard of !!!!!!!

    @marcvb35 actually, that's 100% normal. Your body didn't need the excess water anymore.
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    @sunshinegirlnm and @puddlegoober When I did Weight Watchers back in 1985-6, I fixed one meal for my family and another for myself. You might have to try this strategy. Weight Watchers foods have become more normal. When we moved in with our daughter several years ago I used their recipes for the whole family with no objections.