Ladies only before and afters!



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    What is CICO?

    I was wondering the same
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    All of you ladies look absolutely amazing! I'm so inspired by your amazing successes! <3
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    Hi ladies you aaallll look AWESOME!!! Each and every one of u are so inspiring!!! I have lost 40lbs since January but still feel like my old obese class 2 self. Got another 14-20lbs to go yet but feeling so unmotivated 😒 need to give it a final push ready for my 30th birthday end of August !!

    Well done on a fantastic loss so far. To motivate you onwards for your last 20lbs try and focus on what you have achieved and the benefits you have already experienced and remind yourself that you need to keep on doing what you have been for the last 7 months to gain even more benefit. Sometimes our mind takes longer to see ourselves as we are now - use a tape measure and or photos to remind yourself that you are no longer the figure you were when you started. At 40lbs lost the difference is probably marked!
    My final push is also for August as that will be my ruby wedding anniversary! I am at my last 7 - 10lbs and am using this time to really prepare for maintenance. I am honing my strategies so that I am able to sustain good habits and aren't tempted to return to my old eating habits as soon as I hit target. My approach I think will be to eat this way routinely but allowing myself a bit more of a free rein when out and about/socialising. Here's hoping for a fair wind behind us and much success at maintenance when we get there. B)

    ETA @Lipstick_n_lunges Congratulations - fantastic job! I meant to put that at the beginning - sorry. You are inspirational - wishing you all the best for the future X
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    This cannot be the same woman?!!!
    How long was your process and did you require skin removal surgery? I only ask cause this is extreme weight loss on steroids!!!

    I’m getting a tummy tuck in January and I assure you it’s the same lol [IG removed by MFP Staff]
    I post all my food and stuff there :)
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    Damn girl this is amazing. This gives me so mucheck inspiration. If you don't mind me asking. How much did you lose? How long did it take you? Beautiful
  • Lipstick_n_lunges: That is absolutely incredible! You are amazing!
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    Wow! You ladies are incredible! Your dedication amazes me. You should be so proud of your accomplishments. Thanks for posting and motivating us!!!!
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    xawsp9q0mj811.jpg Same place, just over a year and 80 pounds later :)

    Wow! That's awesome and beautiful photos!
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    Hey ladies! I’ve seen a couple threads on this topic but they all seem fairly old! So I wanted to start a new thread where us ladies can share our before and afters & a piece of advice for others on their own journey! ♥️♥️♥️

    Great idea :0)!! I'm in. Just that I am only at the "before" stage. :0)