July 2018 Running Challenge



  • mbaker566
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    @julies3103 have you done the north face or lakefront? i've been playing with the idea of doing the lakefront. i know the north face trail. i run it a few times a month-well, the scuppernong trails.
    did i ask this already? i feel like i might have already
  • JulieS3103
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    @mbaker566 I haven't done either North Face or Lakefront before. I did talk to a few people that have when I was debating signing up and they all had positive comments :)
  • marisap2010
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    QUESTION: One of the races I'm considering is a half marathon on sand. Advice??? I have trails around me to train on, and some have sort-of sandy loose dirt, but that's not the same and I am not sure where I'd find sand to train on. Should I pick another race?

    I’m sure if the sand is packed it probably isn’t terrible, but I’m not sure it is something I would do for a half if I didn’t have sand around for practice on shorter runs.

  • PastorVincent
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    garygse wrote: »
    Re chafing prevention: I use Glide for underarm, 2Toms Sportshield for areas south of the border (roll-on means it's much easier to apply than a stick), and NipEaze for nipple protection. This combination allows me to run in the sweatiest of humid conditions for miles on end, and not scream in the shower afterwards.

    I have been considering trying NipEaze but have been hesitant because... unlike @LaDispute57 no band-aid, nor tape stays in place for me. When I have gotten things to stay its cause I used an egregious amount of tape PLUS wore a compression top to help hold it in place.
  • PastorVincent
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    cburke8909 wrote: »
    Race report to follow but made my goal of 22 minutes for 5k run tonight


    YAY!! Congrats!
  • Elise4270
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    cburke8909 wrote: »
    Race report to follow but made my goal of 22 minutes for 5k run tonight

    Wooo hooo!!!!! Cant wait for the report!
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    10.95 miles tonight

  • Scott6255
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    WTG @cburke8909! You were flying!