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    Carol - I just love rhinestones :D What a great find.
    Rita - I hope you're OK. :o
    Just preparing to leave. I fetched fish and chips for all of us for children's dinner, including the nanny, as my son and DDIL are going out this evening. Delicious!
    They all loved the reindeer meat I brought back from Sweden. My son declined to open the fermented herring this time so I will keep it a bit longer.
    Very, very tired. DH has so much stamina. He is still reading them stories. <3
    Shan't see much of them in August as they have two holidays booked. They are trying to let their house out through Airbnb to earn some money. The company came to take photos yesterday. It's a lot of work, but could be worth it.
    Much love to you all from Heather UK XXXXXX
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    Karen When I looked it up they said salmon, herring, cod liver oil, egg yolks, mushrooms. There are fortified foods, but as I mentioned if you choose them make sure you add some fat. Probably true for mushrooms too. I like to cook mine in butter or coconut oil. Still best to get some sunshine if possible.( In agreement with M in Oz ). I know if you take a supplement D3 is best. I guess you can actually sometimes get too much. As a culture we are more on the deficient side. Especially living up here in the North we get even less of the kind of light you need to get your needed Vit D especially in the winter. I know you can have your levels tested. Some on here mentioned that. They also mentioned they had to pay for the test which does not seem right to me.

    Allie think does this food nourish me and help me feel strong. If not find foods that do. The irony is it is easy to overeat on the foods that don't nourish because you keep eating them trying to satisfy your body. They cannot do that. It is much more difficult to over do on nourishing food because they will satisfy. Again come down to want it/ need it. You decide what is going to help you more in the long run.

    :heart: Margaret

    My doctor believes that we are all deficient and includes it in her yearly blood work. My daughter and I are both deficient year after year. She has now suggested I continue with vitamins year round.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Sue in WA - I feel so sorry for your sister, besides the physical pain the emotional pain at missing a child's wedding might be even worse.

    Barbie - Junk gathers so fast doesn't it? My husband works for the city and is forever bringing home something they are going to throw out because "I'm going to do something with that". Yet there it sits cluttering things up!

    Michele - I had Corelle most of my married life, a few different sets over the years and for some unknown reason about 5 years ago I bought stoneware. I really need to switch it all out again. I much prefer the Corelle. Maybe I'll put that on my Christmas Wish List.

    Rori - Beautiful Pictures

    Lisa - Hope you have a smooth closing!

    Okie - I understand what you mean about travelling for a funeral and it ending up being a "good time". I have had to travel "home" for funerals and it ends up becoming a little vacation and catch up with everyone. I think that's just what happens when people are spread out everywhere.

    Heather - Cute bear you have there. They sure go all out for the end of kindergarten now don't they?

    Margaret - Good neighbours are so hard to come by, its great you helped them yesterday.

    Allie - I was struggling all of June with "bad food" choices. I finally got sick of the scale not moving and have taken control again. I had to get my stubborn on.

    Meg - I wouldn't have known that about LED bulbs either, sorry it was such an expensive lesson for you.

    Rebecca - Hope you are feeling a little better, you still have a beautiful smile!

    I took my Grands to the big parade of the year this morning. I ended up, quite by chance, meeting up with their Mother's best friend and her whole family. My Grands call her Auntie and she has a 2 year old as well. This is a picture of the three kids watching the parade, the two excited ones are my Grandchildren, Jonah 6 and Michaela 2. Her 2 year old, Charlotte, was not interested in the parade at all as the pictures clearly show.5dm5jknljz47.jpg

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    janetr7476 wrote: »
    Lanette wrote "Lisa - before I forget... I know you are in the middle of walk through and closing today - congrats! When you get a chance, I'd like your opinion on that little exercise peddler you got when you lived out east. Do you still use it? And even if you don't, would you recommend it? I don't have room for a recumbent bike but would like to have something easy to story that might also boost my cardio a little. Did it do that for you?"

    I'm not Lisa, but several years ago when I weighed around 280# and both knees were bone on bone, doc would not do replacement cuz of my weight. I couldn't walk because of my knees, catch 22. My doctor recommended the little pedaler. I still use it, I ordered a second nicer one with tension adjustment, etc. You get the same amount of work out, cardio and calorie burn as a regular recumbent bike. I will be using mine in a bit after kettlebell workout. We will be reaching 109° here today making it way too hot to use my treadmill in our garage. They are inexpensive and well worth it. I researched online before purchasing the second one.

    Hope this was of some help. <3

    Janetr OKC

    Janetr, thank you for responding to this. That was good information! Which one do you have now-make, model. I think Lisa got hers from Amazon - I know she provided the link ages ago, I'll never be able to find it again. :#

    SW WA State
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    Lanette what I have is on this order. It's been so long Im not sure where I got it. From a catalog, I thought Foot Smart but they don't have them now so I don't know. This is very similar to mine.


    Janetr OKC
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    This is pic of MFP when I click Community anyone know why I'm not happy don't like it

    Love all pics

    Kate UK <3

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    I know, spikeyhair! They changed our iPad app version to look like the PC version and moved our star! It is still there, but, I think, harder to navigate.

    It will take some getting used to.
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    Yeah, Daddy used to say, 'nothing brings out the worst in people than a good old funeral where there might be family money - especially if there is no Will'. In a small town and being one of the older more experience attorneys he had a wide swath of clients. I can remember little old black ladies who could not walk up the stairs to his office having Wills made (and deeds to property they had been sharecropping and had been 'given') and standing by their car and witnesses several of them. Occasionally, I would have to 'prove' that I had witnessed the Will being signed because if they could not read, they signed it with a 'distinctive' "X" as their signature. I could always tell Daddy where around the courthouse square they had parked, who was with them, and describe the "X".

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    Just got back from the movie it was the shaggy dog..remake with Tim Allen really cute...fresh sheets on the bed and tucked I ,have to work in the am.
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 6.50min, 13.8amph, 144mhr, 1.5mi= 91c
    apple watch- 75c
    bike ride gym 2 sumn sta- 49.11min, 126ahr, 151mhr, 14.5amph, 11.8mi= 451c
    apple watch- 454c
    jog sta 2 wk- 4.41min, 150mhr, 9.17min mi, .5mi= 62c
    apple watch- 53c
    jog wk 2 sumn sta- 4.02min, 8.48min mi, .151mhr, 4mi= 47c
    Apple watch- 51c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 17.10min, 9.1amph, 144mhr, 2.5mi= 184c
    apple watch- 151c

    total cal 835
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    Did 1 hr of the 20/40/60 workout on the treadmill. The plan for tomorrow is to ride the recumbent bike

    Rori – being the “mom” is just like you. I bet you didn’t have any problem at all with that role. Love the pics, thanks for sharing

    Emma – welcome! I’m sure the invisalign will help, at least at first

    Heather – in my day we didn’t have preschool. Preschool was staying home with mom. We went right to the “big school”. After my mother died, my daycare consisted of going to a friend’s house every day after school

    Margaret – I know with Newcomers the things that go the first are the store bought items. So sad!

    Went to Food Lion to get Vince’s soda, then to mahjongg. On the way home stopped at Lowe’s Foods for Vince’s gatorade, then Joanne’s for elastic for my chlorine-resistant swimsuit that I wear at the Y. I think their high level of chlorine has just eaten the elastic away. Now, understand that I am NOT a sewer by any stretch of the imagination. I saw something I’d never seen before, this fabric glue. I’m thinking that maybe I could glue the elastic where I want it then sew it. Hope that works. Stopped in at Harbor Freight for a tool. I was told they had one that I could use for one of my crafts. Vince said they wouldn’t have it, but they did! Then went to Kohl’s to get room darkening curtains for our back bedroom, also needed a curtain rod. Got $10 off since it was over $50 plus my 30% off. If I go back for another set of the drapes (which we need), I have $10 in Kohl’s cash plus I can get at least 20% off. Update: If I go back in a few days, I can use my Kohl's cash plus I know at the minimum I will get 20% off.

    KJ – thanks for the update on Rita.

    Snowflake – adorable grands

    Allie – God sure does work in mysterious ways, but you deserve it. Congrats!

    Kim – it is so frustrating, many times in a restaurant I don’t want as much as they give you in a full meal (I know, I can take some home, but that’s just a hassle) and would order an appetizer but, you’re right, everything is deep fried.

    Cheri – beautiful quilts. I know they will be so very appreciated.

    Michele in NC
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    Cheri - I hear ya on the "hot" part. At 8:00 PM this evening we were still 105°. High this afternoon was 109°. Too hot!!

    Love, love all your blankets.

    Janetr OKC