The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



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    Add Me :)
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    TGIF peeps! Hope you all have a great day! Keep smiling!
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    Happy Friday M'agers! Make it count.
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    Go figure rain for 2 weeks and supposed to be super nice this weekend when I have to work all weekend...plan on running Saturday and Sunday morning before work....
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    I am 51, be 52 in November. I walk a bit and love my fitbit but am in need if motivation to get back on track.
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    Glad it's Friday. Lifting, cardio, and ending with Yoga tonight. Best hours of the week. Carpe diem!
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    IslandGal3 wrote: »
    Good morning middle agers. I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!

    And you!
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    Good morning happy Friday. Let's get it done.
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    mashbour wrote: »
    Hi Everyone, I'm 53 and doing the one3one diet with Chalene Johnson. Eating clean with lower carbs.
    Feeling great and this app really helps track the food properly!

    would love to know what you thought of the one3one program....I'm curious but would like to know about what is involved/included....thanks.
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    Howdy, y'all!
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    I am so glad it's Friday! Camping with friends this weekend staying on plan is always hard but time with friends is improtant. I just need to watch my protions and keep the body moving!
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    OK, here I go. I'm 54, been a member since 2012. I've lost some weight my main goal is to stay healthy and active. Thanks for reading, add me if you'd like.
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    About a year ago went back to weight watchers to "work" on my health and fitness. Stopped WW because of money and found this! Started aqua fit classes last december and added walking in early March. I can walk 10 miles now in two hours (its flat where I walk) and added bicycling in June (haven't done a lot owing to heat). The biggest reason "this time" is working is not fighting voice in my head, plus logging, plus exercise and continued counseling. Relearned the power of doing and realized I had control of this (in a good way). Recently had the somewhat bizarre but great experience of looking at a piece of clothing and say out loud "thats too big" Like everyone I'm learning and setbacks. Another big thing is learning to love yourself even when you don't like yourself sometimes. Colette Duranleau, Aurora, CO Feel free to add me!
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    Hello! I'm 42 .... looking forward to completing some goals before 43. I'm in the central Ohio area if anyone is looking for extra support or just a weight loss, keto/Paleo , workout friend! Please feel free to add me :)
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    So you have a great sense of humor :)
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    I'm 47 but I look 46.

    Nahh you don't look a day over 45 ;):)
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    Coming in at 27...Not seen a <30 group

    I guess you've got to start somewhere. I'm almost double your age.
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    37 need help losing weight. I think starting tomorrow I will write everything down on paper
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    jewelz56 wrote: »
    37 need help losing weight. I think starting tomorrow I will write everything down on paper

    You could actually key everything in to the MFP food and exercise diary. Not much point writing on paper.