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    KJ - Joaquin is absolutely the cutest thing. Hard to believe he is 1 -1/2 already. Thanks for sharing <3

    Janetr OKC
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    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Joaquin. And such a good reader for his age. :o:D

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Kelly - I want Joaquin's hair, lol. What a cutie. When are you scheduled to see him again in person?

    Hope the flooding is starting to diminish for all of you in the NC area... we get the big ones out here too that really inundate valleys but being in the foothills the water moves out fairly quickly.

    Karen in VA
    - hope your tornado scares are done for a long time. It's surreal to be outside and watching one form, isn't it? Such a reminder of the power of the nature like that. Do you normally get many in your area?

    Just had a great experience with Chewy.com. I've been looking for reflective collars for our black dogs. Was unable to find anything in local stores, so took a chance and got a nice one on Chewy. It just arrived and it's too big, I should have ordered a small. I called them, they said no problem, complete credit to my account including shipping. And no need to send it back, give it to the local animal shelter. That's a company I'll do business with again.

    Those of you lifting weights.... I've had to diminish my weights a bit the past few months. Went from 12 1/2 lbs to 11 on my ankle weight because of back twinges and various aches and pains, and the 10# dumbbells are feeling awfully heavy these days, but I push through. Shoulders hurt too. Is it the change in weather? I don't remember this happening last summer.

    I'm not going to stop, even if I'm at lighter weights I can do more reps. Want to keep my muscle and keep burning glucose!

    Sunny and fabulous SW WA State where it was 39 this morning.

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    My goals are just to keep doing what I'm currently doing--eating right all day, no eating at night after my small 8 PM snack, doing aquatic therapy. It's a good feeling to be working toward a goal of a healthier me.
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    Allie: I am so impressed with what you re doing with your life, and with your forgiveness toward Tom. I don’t’ think I have it in me to be as gracious and forgiving as you. :noway:

    Meg: So sorry for the loss of your DFIL. :heart::broken_heart:

    KJ: Joaquin is a real charmer. :heart:

    Rori: Dental week, indeed. I am lucky to have such good care, and so is DH. :flowerforyou:

    Lanette & weight lifters: I lift my own body weight during yoga classes. I’ve tried free weights but do not do well with them. :noway: My best weight choices are the machines at the gym. They tend to keep my body alignment in a better position and I walk away without getting hurt.

    It is a pretty day here. DH is napping and missing the sunshine. I’m reading a library book and enjoying it.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    <3<3Joaquin <3<3

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    Joaquin - oh my is he is a cutie..
    katla-you are talking about hygienists ,they have more schooling and clean the teeth..
    Well don't praise me all that much I went overboard when I got home..will try and get my butt to the gym..I have to get the motivation......
    I will go down to feed my FIL ,in the morning and someone is looking for stuff to take down to North Carolina for the animals.so will donate a few of Alfie's grown out harnesses.
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    Did a Cardio Metabolic Interval DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to take the water class.

    You what sometimes gets to me? When you see the people on these DVD’s and they are jumping around etc. and I don’t want to jump so much. I sometimes feel like I should be doing what they’re doing. Like in this DVD she knelt on the floor then did a down dog, then a child’s pose, then a down dog. I didn’t want to quickly go to the child’s pose, I took my time getting on my knees. But by then she was doing the down dog.

    Allie – you are NOT at fault any for your divorce. A man loves you regardless of how you look.

    KJ – lately I seem to be more interested in strength training than cardio. Well, it was like this a while ago, I was interested in strength training more than cardio, then I was more interested in cardio, now I’m back to being interested in strength training. What can I say?

    Lisa – so glad your daughter is fine. Thanks for telling us. Regarding telling Allie her divorce was not her fault – you go girl! Personal experience like yours means so much.

    Betty – we experience a tornado a few years ago. It was interesting, at the time we were taking a sheriff’s citizens academy course and were in the court rooms when a deputy comes in and tells us that we need to go to the 911 call center (below ground) and wait until the tornado passes. I grew up in northern NJ – Passaic County – and spent A LOT of time at my grandmother’s after my mother passed. She lived in Bergen County. I could look outside her porch and see the Meadowlands. As a matter of fact, I remember when that was built! (boy, am I old!). We lived in Kennett Square before moving to NC. Kennett Square, if you aren’t familiar with it, is outside of Philly. Oh, I know where Berwyn is!

    Carol – I hear ya bout having to keep animals apart. We have Jess’ cat, Shadow and unfortunately she doesn’t get along with other cats. She is very loving, just not to other cats. It’s a real shame because she’d have a great time running around. In the 2 years she’s here, I’m hoping that eventually she’ll get to the point of “might as well make the best of the situation” and at least some play with our cats. Now, if Loki is in the room, she doesn’t have a problem until Loki gets up to leave and gets close to her. It’s such a shame and in many ways a problem.

    Went to the local extension office to get these boxes so that we can take soil samples and send them to Raleigh to have our soil tested so we know how much fertilizer etc. to put on it. Then made some more chocolate bran muffins. I had one and I think they may need to be baked a bit more. Then hard boiled some eggs and roasted a butternut squash. It’s pretty nice out, only humid, so I’m thinking that I’ll put on my work clothes (since I don’t care if I sweat in them) and string some more popcorn

    Meg – my heart goes out to you and Leonard. I hope he’s able to get to the funeral.

    KJ – Joaquin would make a great model

    Michele in NC
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    Regarding hair ... I was going to get mine well trimmed before my husband's accident ... then that happened .. and now I haven't had my hair cut in a very long time. I can sit on it now.

    But it is thinner than it used to be. A lot fell out in the first couple months after my husband's accident.
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    njitaliana wrote: »
    My goals are just to keep doing what I'm currently doing--eating right all day, no eating at night after my small 8 PM snack, doing aquatic therapy. It's a good feeling to be working toward a goal of a healthier me.

    :) It's nice to see you again. I remember you from awhile ago. Keep coming back and share what you're doing that has been successful for you.
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    mnhtnbb wrote: »

    Karen in VA, I lived in Tornado Alley for 12 years (Missouri and Nebraska) but it took moving to North Carolina to actually experience a tornado going overhead. Scary. Very glad you are ok. It really does sound like a freight train coming through!

    Betty in Raleigh

    Betty, I grew up in southwest Nebraska! Where did you live? We had tornadoes, but I have never had such a close call as yesterday. Not by a long shot! Businesses <100 yards to the South, East, & West all suffered devastating damage. It skirted around us like a stone skipping on an arc across a pond.


    Lanette We occasionally have tornadoes here, but we have a lot more watches than warnings. It's been over 20 years, though, since there has been comparable tornado damage in this area.

    Meg My sympathies.

    KJ OMG Joaquin!!!. Be still my heart. What a delicious little boy.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Thank you all for your good wishes and prayers for my BIL. His cancer is in his kidney, pelvic area and back. They gave him an experimental chemo which damaged his colon. The tumors are growing.
    Know what is worse than a root canal? Two on the same day, one upper left and one lower right. I am falling apart. Dentist didn’t want me to leave town with the tooth that was hurting.
    KJ- Joachim is so beautiful. His eyes are what gets me.
    Karen- so glad you are ok after that experience.
    Meg- so sorry for you and your DH’s loss.
    My mouth is waking up and I wish it was still deadened (is that a word).
    Everything done to leave tomorrow. Got in to get my hair colored and cut and my pedicure girl fit me in on her lunch hour. One sad thing is that my really good friend who moved to Ohio-is coming tomorrow for a week. I will miss the golf and the visiting with the girls.
    SueBDew in TX
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    Forgot to mention to KJ about the story in the news last night. Your daughter may have heard this too. A Dad got suspicious because his son didn’t want to go into the day care and he also seemed groggy when he picked him up. So he put a hidden camera in the babies car seat. Discovered the children were left in their car seats all day and given Some medication with a syringe. Police investigate and found babies in a closet restrained in the car seats.
    I wish those poor babies could be with you and get the kind of care you give your kids. The woman said it made it asker for her!!!
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    Made it easier for her.
  • Kaen in Virginia – Was that death in Chesterfield, VA? I have an email friend up there. We met on an ‘art class’ program.

    Barbara in Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD – Yes, I feel so much better than I did the end of November and into early January. I’ve been ‘restricted from driving’; but, that is OK; just a little sad that it probably means that my family aren’t going to let me drive anymore. I can understand that, and I would say they are probably right. Just as soon as it starts cooling off, Louis and I will ‘tackle’ my studio so that I will be able to go back to my painting and drawing. Something I can look forward to.

    Allie – No, size would not matter if a man really ‘loved’ a woman. He is just trying to make you feel bad about yourself again. Don’t fall for that $#*T. You did the right thing, you have ‘grown so much’ over the past year-and-a-half or more. Stay away from the ‘drama’ he is attempting to lay on you. My Mother was a large woman after involved in a really bad wreck on Christmas Day when I was three. My Daddy knew the woman he married and they were married for over 60+ years before my Daddy died of complications from a stroke. I think all of us, who have either taken care of someone who has been injured or disabled have our moments of thinking – ‘I can’t take this $#*T anymore’. When someone gives you a reason to leave don’t let him attempt to blame you. You were and are NOT responsible for TomCat’s degradation and you should not take it either. He made his bed, let him lie in it. It won’t stop the way he treats ‘any’ woman. Some men are just CADS (men who behaves dishonorably, especially toward a woman)! TomCat’s underlying belief that ‘someone other than he is at fault for his circumstances’ aren’t your fault either. That is ‘his’ personality. Some men don’t respect women enough to not go ‘catting around’. If they are going to ‘cheat’ they’ll do it whenever and wherever they can. Remember when Tiger Woods started being called "Cheeter' Woods. Once a "cheater" - always a "Cheeter". But, Karma does come around and it will ‘bite them on their collective @$$e$’. Take up his comments, roll them up and throw them to the ground and never look back with any ‘what if’s’. God knows your heart and he will make it flow out of your life, if you let Him. You can 'forgive' someone for the way they treated you; but, you still do not have to 'like' it. I had to do that to a lot of people in my life; one being DDnL#1; she has dredged up things about every 3 years saying that we don't think she is good enough for our son; or that we love our other son and DDnL#2 more than we love them. I ''love' her because I respect that Trey chose her as his wife; but, nothing says that I have to 'like' her. But, I do concentrate on one thing that I think is positive and attempt to focus on that. It has helped keeping it (what she says or does) not hurt anymore. She has posted things on FB that have been very derogatory towards me. Will will never be able to 'be around her' for what she texted Tami and the things she has posted on FB about me. When Will is 'finished' with someone - he is FINISHED. So, basically she took Thanksgiving away from me last year (my favorite holiday); then she messed up our Tradition Oyster Stew Christmas Eve supper at the last minute. Time heals all things, sometimes it takes a longer time, especially if we aren’t willing to ‘let it go’. You are in the right place and you have friends on MFP who truly care about you and are supportive of what you had the ‘gonads’ to do and that was to leave TomCat. So leave him ‘in the dust’ and ‘don’t look back’.

    Lisa – You said exactly what I attempted to tell Allie – just more straightforward. However, Allie, I disagree that you HAVE to remain friends. I take it that you do NOT have any children by the man and therefore would not have grandchildren. Find another friend to keep your dog and let Tom figure out what to do with the dogs he ended up with. You are just punishing yourself; by attempting to ‘piss’ Elena off. Walk no, RUN away from anything associated with TomCat – if you don’t you’ll end up with ulcers or worse. Enough said. I’ve always wanted to ask ‘who are you talking about when you talk about going to feed you DFnL? Surely, not TomCat’s father. IF so, then that alone ought to tell you something.

    Carol – Leaving a church makes you ‘fat’? Must have been a Southern Baptist pastor/preacher. There is a big difference between being a good ‘preacher’ or a ‘good pastor’. I’d much rather have a ‘good pastor’. Occasionally, you do come across one that is both. Lordy, I can remember having one for about 15 years and everybody thought that they’d never get rid of him. For the ‘group’ that went to pick out a new preacher/pastor found that one – he must have had a tremendous day that Sunday. From wherever he came.

    Carol – This time when we went to Will and Tami’s Cracker stayed home and Trey took care of her. He’d come down and let her out of her crate, feed her, and let her out. He said the first thing she did when he opened the crate was run into the den and lay her head on our chairs and whine. Then, he was going to let her stay down at his house; but, the Boston Bull Terrier could not take the ‘stress’. He had 2 major seizures while she was down there. So he brought her back home where she slept at night and stayed in the crate during the day – like she’d do, if we were working or going on errands and keeping appointments. I thought she was going to lick us off our bones when she realized we had driven up into their yard. She took off and jumped in my side of the car. Louis said the 4 weeks I was in the hospital back in late November/early December that she’d lay her head in my chair and just look at him, then she’d go into every room looking for me and whining. She does the same thing when he isn’t here. Like the week he and Trey go out to hunt with Will. Now, in the afternoons, about the same time, she goes to our window in our bedroom until Louis pulls into the driveway, then she goes to the door and pitches a fit until he drives into the carport. Then she about knocks him down welcoming him home.

    Tracey – I called my DBnL in PTC, GA and had him ‘walk me through how to record and then delete series of shows. I’ve already jumped ahead to the week of September 24th and recorded some of the NBC shows we watch. Tomorrow I will go to the ABC and CBS channels and record those shows (at the same time), so we can watch them earlier in the evening maybe.

    KJ – I doubt you have to worry about a 750 calorie sandwich. You probably have more calories burned off just keeping a house full of kids. Joaquin is a real cutie! Reminds me of our oldest son at that age. He, also, has a headful of hair. Still does; but, a lot more gray than he had over 40 years ago. Both my sons were born with one gray hair on their heads. Trey still has a headful of hair; Will is going to be like his Dad, he is getting thinner on top every time we see him. Tami buzzed it right before he got the shingles a few years ago. Then he grew it out again for the wedding and hasn’t really wanted it buzzed since. He is so good-looking with a ‘buzz cut’. He reminds me of that ‘bad boy look that Jason Statham’ has. Joaquin is a doll; he reminds me of mu DOS at that age

    SueBDew in TX – When I went back to work and put my 2 little one in daycare; I started noticing that Trey would hesitate to go in; then, I started noticing that one little girl would run in and grab Trey and when I picked him up, she’d still be clinging to him. But, the day that Will started crying when I left, I decided to ‘drop in’ on the daycare center and could ‘look into the place’ because one side was windows. The owner (a man) was sitting at his desk with a young girl in his lap (later learned it was his ‘niece’; and, I heard him telling Will to ‘go beat up some kid’ who was misbehaving. Will cried that he did not have anybody to ‘play with’. I took the home, called my sister and asked if she would watch them for a week so I could find another place to put them. His sister also ran a daycare center and I had heard things about her place, which was only 2 blocks from my house; but, I would not put my boys there. Called my boss and asked for the week off. Then, I started calling some of my friends who had children in various daycare centers and did a ‘drop-in visit’ to the 3 that had been suggested to me. Went to one that I really was impressed with because it was obvious they were preparing the kids for school, not just viewing them as whatever the going rate was at that time. I asked the woman if she had room to take 2 boys; and she did. So I signed the paperwork. She asked if I minded telling her why I was taking them out of the daycare center they were in and I told her that ‘something was going on; but, did not know what’ … I wanted my sons OUT OF THERE! She said that I was the 4th mother that week that had moved their children. A couple of weeks later, he was arrested for child molestation. One of the kids he was molesting was his ‘niece’. I made the right decision; I wish I had done so when I saw a little girl clinging to my son (and he was clinging to her). She was the daughter of one of the attorneys in town, I’m sure they took her out; but, a lot of places were already full. I never took them back, after I moved them. Never looked back, just thanked God that they were not his victims. Other than Will being made into a ‘bully’ that we had to reteach him how to be ‘kind’ again. I could have ‘killed’ the SOB!

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    Lenora your story about Craxker really touched me. What a loyal and loving fur-baby you have!

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    Joaquin is so cute <3<3

    MEG sorry to hear about your FIL :'(

    Kate UK <3
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    Lenora Yes, Chesterfield. Dominion Flooring employee. Your loyal doggie story is so sweet & touching!

    (((Sue))) I just read about the daycare owner you mentioned. Horrific.

    Karen in Virginia