What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    You’ll do everything right and still not lose a single pound
    Weight loss is a complicated beast sometimes. It’s determined by a lot of factors and influenced by things beyond our control. Even when you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing sometimes your body just ain’t gonna cooperate. I personally lost over 20 pounds and it was really hard, but luckily I documented my story on my blog, [removed by mod], you check it out. As well, there will be gains, losses and stalls. It’s disappointing to not see losses every single week, but if it was easy, more people would be doing it. It’s more than just intake and expenditure of calories. Things like genetics, other health issues, sleep, environment, menstrual cycle and stress can all stall your weight loss progress.
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    I basically lost 25.9kg/57lbs/4 stone all off my stomach, it made EVERYTHING easier! Especially doing my laces up lol :D

    I'm so jealous. I've lost 38.8kg, but my stomach is still really big. Maybe when I get to my goal weight? (Healthy BMI is 9.6kg away, goal weight is another 20kg)
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    I'm kinda opposite right now. My old wardrobe had plenty of colours but now just about everything is black. On the positive side, my old clothes were all ones made for fat people and looked like it, now my clothes are much nicer styles. However the colours are oh so boring. I just was forced to buy a whole lot of clothes and spent as little as possible on them because they probably won't fit for long. Once I get to goal weight I hope to gradually improve my wardrobe. [/quote]

    Charity/ second hand shops were made for this! Pic up tops for a couple of dollars and then when you shrink out of them donate them back!