Grocery Store Snob??



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    I thought this was going to be about which grocery store people prefer (and organic vs conventional growing). I guess not! I buy from all different places so my cart looks different at every store. It all depends on what’s on sale and what I need, so I often assume others are doing the same.

    However, my favorite place to shop is the seasonal farmers market. I love the sights, sounds, colours and beautiful assortment of fresh fruits and veg! I love interacting with the farm kids who are working the booths with their parents and the little ones are messing around amount the crates. I love it when these awesome kids (as young as ten years old) can keep track of all my purchases (like eight different things), tell me how much I owe them and give me back the correct change!

    Where I live the market only runs from early June to the first week of October. I’m going through withdrawal now! Can’t get my freshly picked kale, garlic scrapes, radishes, peaches or honey crisp apples!
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    ... (Seems like the next logical thing to do, after scanning the tabloid headlines, unless there's a baby ahead of me that I can make silly faces at.) ...

    I forgot about that! Fun, isn't it?

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    I giggle when its full of junk and they have diet soda.

    I always share a trolley so no idea what people think of mine, dont care either lol

    I know this is an old thread, but I do that because I would rather eat more food be it calorie dense or healthier compared to drinking sodas/beverages that have a ton of calories!
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    I clicked on the thread thinking it was going to be about shopping at Whole Foods compared to Shop Rite or something and was appalled to see what it was really about.

    The first idea would have been merely pretentious and well, it's your money whatever, but ... what it's really about? Woah.

    I can't even explain why the whole concept of looking in people's carts and asserting one's own superiority grinds my gears so much, but there you go. It really, really does.

    In the first sense, I think I'm the opposite of a grocery store snob. I prefer different stores for different things, but I've never been in a grocery store that I didn't appreciate on some level. I'm always intrigued by how different stores have different things or how they're laid out. Just another expression of my lifelong love affair with food. :D

    I love Grocery Outlet, because it has food that's near expiration that I either never could find due to it being limited edition to another store that may not be in PA, brands I've never heard of, or something I have heard of that usually is expensive that if I try & don't like/give it away it didn't cost that much.

    The first time I went into one a few years ago I bought a lot of different ice creams maybe around 9-10 & became known as the ice cream lady. It was fine the first few times, but the one cashier always had to bring it up even if she wasn't the one ringing me up. Luckily they've stopped, but it was a bit embarrassing/annoying. My record at another Grocery Outlet was around 27 pints of Gingerbread Halo Top since it was $1.99. I asked the cashier if that was the record at the store & he said no.

    As a cashier I never make rude comments based on what someone else is buying. I may ask if they're having a party if they're buying 10-30 bottles of 2 liter of soda to make small talk, but never in a rude tone. Usually when someone makes a disparaging comment about the fact they're buying a ton of junk food I just chime in & say so do I & say life would be boring with no treats.

    Now I did silently judge the one customer the day she bought $200.00-$300.00 dollars of Easter Candy with a food stamp card, because I was outraged that someone else who may have been struggling money wise could have used that card to buy a wide variety of food be it nutritious (meat, vegs, fruits, any kind of grains, legumes, etc.) & included junk/processed food as well.
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    Wow, a lot of these responses surprise me. I never judge, or even notice for that matter, what others purchase. It’s none of my business, nor concern. This is something that I never even gave a thought to. I thought this topic was going to be about shopping at upscale grocery stores, where the prices are higher for the same items and they feature more gourmet foods.