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    OK. I wasn't expecting this. But this was the first time I drank 2.1 liters of water in a day, maybe it's about that. My dietitian said that I need to drink 3 liters of waters, but it's really hard for me. Whatever, yesterday was the first day of my new diet and it was good. I didn't feel hungry until night. I'm still highly motivated.

    I bought two bottles that both hold a liter. If I have it in my hand, it is easy to drink one over the course of an hour. I can drink two liters easily. That third one? I use tricks...my favorite is a half and half combination of lemon flavored vitamin water and Pellegrino.
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    @quiltingjaine Love the pic with the 5th graders! You look slim and trim. Is your neck giving you trouble?
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    I'm in - my 3rd round - love this challenge.

    12/18: 171.0 I had such a good time last evening. I got to spend some time with a 2 yr old little boy who played and laughed and just totally enchanted me. I do not have any grandchildren (yet) and have very little contact with very young children. Between work and this activity, no time to eat. Not the best way to lose weight but doesn't hurt once in a while. It was probably mostly water weight but looks good on the scales. We will see what tomorrow brings but motivated to stick with my plan today.

    I understand about "no time to eat," and, sometimes, I just get busy and forget. If I don't reach my calorie goal every day, I tell myself it's IF (intermittent fasting), a popular term I see a lot lately. If it happened every day, that might be a problem, but two or three times a week seems to be okay and may even be helpful.