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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • M0n1KCRM0n1KCR Member Posts: 115 Member Member Posts: 115 Member
    marianlyn wrote: »
    One of the things that has surprised me the most in my lose weight/get fit endeavors is how lonely it is. No one else in my social circle seems as interested as I am, which is fine. I guess maybe I’m actually most surprised that I noticed it and actually wish I had someone to share some of these things with. I’m typically pretty good with doing things on my own. This makes me appreciate this online community all the more, though!

    You are in the right place to share. Yes, No one really cares. That's harsh but mostly true. I've started to find it amusing at work. In the past year I've lost over 80 pounds by simply using MFP and eating less of the same things I've been eating. I started exercising again because I enjoy it. I'm now at a healthy BMI and getting ready to run a 1/2 marathon in two weeks. Not a bad success story, huh? Well - no one cares in my real life except for my wife and family and a couple of close friends...

    What's amusing is watching coworkers all discuss the newest diet fad and have long discussions about how they need to lose weight. Not a soul will ask how I did it - and I finally figured out why... They don't really want to lose the weight or change their life. They just want to talk about it. I don't say that to be mean spirited; it's just true. They don't talk to me about weight loss because I've actually done it. They just want the miracle diet/food/pill/exercise that will shave 20 pounds off of their body with no real investment of time or energy.

    So - come here and share. We care and are happy for you. We'll give you the kudos you deserve.

    Congratulations on your success!

    That is soooooo true. Some of my relatives and coworkers have asked me what I did, and some went as far as to download the app. But, apparently, weighing / portioning your food is "too much work", so none of them lasted a week. Or course, they haven't lost a gram.
  • Noreenmarie1234Noreenmarie1234 Member Posts: 5,200 Member Member Posts: 5,200 Member
    sgriska wrote: »
    That you’ll go to rub the back of your neck and shoulders and it will feel like a completely different person back there, like you’re rubbing the wrong back!

    Haha, I love this! This made me laugh. :smile:
  • johnljacksonjohnljackson Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    Kelll12123 wrote: »

    - Sitting (particularly in baths) and laying (particularly in beds) will become ever increasingly uncomfortable.

    hahaha this... My back is bruised from doing workouts on the floor because my shoulder blades stick out so much now.

    No one told me how annoying buying clothes could be. It's great when they fit, but I keep going down sizes and needing to buy more and then not having a purpose for the larger sizes.

    On a more positive note, I get hit on a lot more. Three different guys asked me out for Valentine's Day this year :)

    Good for you for getting hit on a lot more. I'm sure this gives people a chance now to see how beautiful you are on the inside. Congrats!
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