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    You can do this! Remember, the scale gives you data. It's your tool, not your enemy!

    Love it! I feel like I need to make this into a poster or something and put it by my scale!!

    Yay! I'm glad I said something useful. :)

    You get points for your avatar, if nothing else =)

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    02/08 150.8 ❣️A huge NSV for me: four years ago I bought a cropped jacket with a matching scarf in France that I hoped one day I would be able to wear unbuttoned over a shirt. This morning I was looking for something in my closet to wear that fit (recently my “thin” clothes have been baggy - a surprise for sure). I saw the dry cleaned jacket & scarf & thought well maybe it will fit, unbuttoned... well it fit perfectly buttoned!!!! And the scarf I had planned to use to cover my middle looked really bulky. As I was typing this, I realized I can transform the scarf into a blouse! This is actually my biggest clothing/related NSV yet ❣️#grateful #GRATEFUL *happy tear*

    @MadisonMolly2017 I'm so happy for you! Congrats! You deserve it =)
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    I honestly still do not crave anything usual like sweet and salty, but I do like crunchy. I figure that is my new crave on keto, because I don't eat anything crunchy. /quote]

    @tiabirdie56 I do eat nuts for most of my crunchy snacks. (90% cacao dark chocolate for the sweet cravings.) Walnuts. Almonds. Even salted smoke flavored Almonds if I must have salty. That is me satisfying a crunchy craving (instead of popcorn, chips or pretzels I used to eat). Full of healthy fats & omega 3 too!. If push comes to shove, I eat pork rinds because of the zero carbs & fat content. Flavored ones available too. I just don't eat the rinds as often because I do try to stay fairly heart healthy, even in my keto. I know that you already know all these tricks. Just a reminder & a word of encouragement to you because you're the best!

    Yup! Nuts & dark chocolate❣️
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    @quiltingjaine, Probably everyone needs B12. I've been taking it and a B complex vitamin since I was 21yrs old, when my doctor told me I was borderline pernicious anemic. My mother had severe iron deficiency. I remember that she had to be given iron intraveneously. If you are considering B12 supplementation look for Methyl B, Methylcobalamin. This form of B12 is absorbed more readily. I was prescribed Cyanocobalamin in the beginning and took it for many years until I read about the differences and changed my B12. Cyan is still in the B complex though.

    Choosing Vitamin B12

    @deepwoodslady, Donna, you are one of the sweetest people ever!💓 @MadisonMolly2017 too!💓 Thank you both for caring! Yes, I eat nuts, but that doesn't satisfy my crunch needs. I know it is a need for the B vitamins. I've been tired too even with plenty of sleep and even though the weather has been colder I've been feeling colder than normal. I'll know for sure after I've taken them every evening for a couple of weeks. My "crunch crave" is already diminishing after 4 days of taking them. I always know when I'm deficient in a vitamin or mineral. I can ignore it, which I have been😕 or I can do the right thing.