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    How do you cope if you have a spouse that drinks daily?

    Today is day 10 for me. Not gonna lie -last night I wanted to string him up. I said probably 5 times "JUST LET ME GO TO BED" and drunk hubby kept talking. UGH. I keep telling myself that THIS IS FOR ME! Luckily, I don't like his drink of choice. That helps A LOT!!!

    FRE wines - I tried the red blend. It was ok. I also bought the Brut and ARIEL Cabernet - also alcohol removed. Ariel has a cork :) LOL! I will let you know once I try it.

    I just had lunch with a girlfriend. She had 2 mixed drinks and I had water. It did not feel strange. The only strange time was when she offered me a taste. I just said "I'm good" and we went on.

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    Quoting part of RubyRed....For me, it is DAYS. After the hangover, I then feel so anxious and depressed...
    Let’s stay on track; it is easier to resist the urge than to suffer the after effects.

    THIS IS SO TRUE for me too and I have to remind myself when I have the urge it is SO not worth it!!! My daughter is texting with me right now and if I were drinking God know's what I'd be writing back. I want this damn monkey off my back forever. I am so grateful for this group and all of you!

    Agree! So thankful for this group!
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    My heart has been going out to all of you as I've read your words, experiences, pains and triumphs! You are all to be commended as you continue on with this fight.

    I wanted to share a "moment" I had. On Saturday, my heart was breaking. I felt all kinds of emotions that I didn't want to feel. I imagine you all know what I'm talking about because that's why many of us are here. My heart was pounding and I felt like I couldn't breath. I decided to get in my car and drive around. Well, I knew exactly why I was doing that...but I was denying it. I ended up in the parking lot of my local liquor store. I had all kinds of addicted brain talk going on. I was thinking at least I can buy a bottle of Skyy and have it in my house and I can make my decision later. There was a war raging in my brain as I sat in my car trying to decide what to do. Eventually, tears started running down my face and I hung my head down on my steering wheel as sobs starting coming out. Well, at some point, I managed to honk my horn with my chin. It made me jump and when I looked up, I saw a startled lady who thought I was honking at her. I was so embarrassed that I started my car up and left. And just like that...the moment was gone.

    Today, I have been sober for 11 weeks and one day. I am feeling extremely grateful that I didn't let anyone or anything take that away from me, including myself. It was a brief moment, but it happened. In the last several days, I have been able to focus on an action plan. I've realized I can't do this by myself and I need a support system in place. I am pleased to say I'm working on that with a clear head and not an alcohol saturated one. I feel stronger for having won that battle.

    I am doing well and I survived the moment. I sure hope the lady in the parking lot did too! :)

    Many thanks to all of you for sharing. Your words inspire those who sometimes need to read in silence. <3

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    I have a hard time keeping up with the posts if I don't check in often...but I see the drinking demon's are never far away nor are they ever at rest. They attack me at the strangest times, always when I least expect it. It is really random what the triggers are.

    I am also not one for quotes...But J.J. Watts (a phenomenal NFL defensive end) had a quote that I find applies to staying AF every day. I think of this quote often:

    "Success isn't owned, it's leased. And rent is due every day."

    When the demons hit, my immediate response is "Time to pay up!." I do this by long workouts, staying in the Word, working on the farm, talking through it with my wife, etc. No matter what...find a way to Pay up!

    Thanks for sharing this!
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    Also, other than my pregnancy when I obviously could not drink, this 21 days is the longest I think I've gone since age 21.. which was well over a decade ago.. so I'm feeling pleased. Hope everyone has a great day!

    Great! Excited for your progress!
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    @lagoscarrie You are so worth it, too!
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    @dbhDeb welcome!