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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • bobshuckleberrybobshuckleberry Member Posts: 281 Member Member Posts: 281 Member
    Your boobs become half their previous size...just saying
  • MexicangreensalsaMexicangreensalsa Member Posts: 294 Member Member Posts: 294 Member
    ceiswyn wrote: »
    I love wrapping my hand around my wrist to check how much weight I've lost in a traditionally "bony" area. Used to be I could only just barely touch finger to thumb, but now I can easily get a grip around my wrist. I kind of obsessively do it when I don't have something else to do with my hands and I wonder if my coworkers think I'm weird during meetings haha.


    ...I have just experimented and discovered that I can wrap my thumb and pinky finger around my wrist. Easily.
    I had no idea that was a thing.

    Along related lines, definitely nobody told me that my necklaces would become unwearable with half of my outfits. I've somehow gone from needing extension chains on some of them to having even 16" chains dangling irritatingly low on most clothes. Who knew that you could store that much fat on your neck?!

    I never knew some people couldn't do this with ther wrists.
  • motivatedmarthamotivatedmartha Member Posts: 1,103 Member Member Posts: 1,103 Member
    I know that maintenance requires continued vigilance. What nobody tells you is that other people think that once you've lost weight you somehow don't need to worry about exercise and healthy eating. Your "diet" is over in their mind. It's frustrating because the same people that were understanding about diet and exercise habits while I was losing weight now think I'm "obsessive" by having the same habits during maintenance. I realize it's taking them time to adjust to the new me.

    So True!!!
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