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Processed foods cause more weight gain



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    But was the important variable that changed "types of foods" or "ease of access to extra food"? If after capture he had instead been fed a controlled diet of yummy processed macaque kibble, would he have still lost weight and improved health? If the people-food his minions were handing him all day were less processed: raw nuts and seeds, avocado wedges, super-sweet grapes, roasted potatoes covered in extra-virgin olive oil... would he still have gotten fat? :wink:

    Who knows? If you have a monkey, we can do this experiment! Lol 🤣
  • psychod787psychod787 Posts: 3,106Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,106Member, Premium Member
    Wanted to one of the rodent studies I found.
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    sardelsa wrote: »
    What strikes me right away when I compare the two groups is the amount of food given in the whole meals group. The time it would take, the amount of chewing involved with those food items. I am exhausted just looking at it especially that dinner and would definitely give up before I would come close to the calorie amount of the processed group. If it were me I'd probably eat a bit more if given the processed but burn a bit more since I had more time to move vs time spent eating

    My home made Thai beef salad (which I love) includes kale and chewy skirt steak. It takes me a LONG time to eat 400 calories worth of it.
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    I’m sure absolutely no weedkillers are used with any other crop. OH NO WAIT.
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