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The Mildly Passive-Aggressive Mid-life/Existential Crisis Terrible Poetry Thread



  • cee134cee134 Posts: 33,842Member Member Posts: 33,842Member Member
    I like caffeine
    It is my favorite bean
    but don't make a scene
    when it makes your insides clean.
  • CanesGalacticaCanesGalactica Posts: 5,951Member Member Posts: 5,951Member Member
    I should like to die
    Under a pile of books
    Fulfillment from fantasies

    But not these books here
    They do not belong to me
    Husband, you're a hoarder

    Just admit it, dammit.
  • cee134cee134 Posts: 33,842Member Member Posts: 33,842Member Member
    I just ate a sandwich
    that was my plan which
  • mtndewmemtndewme Posts: 527Member Member Posts: 527Member Member
    Don't whine
    do wine
  • TheMrWobblyTheMrWobbly Posts: 1,555Member Member Posts: 1,555Member Member
    You strut and pose like a proud peacock,
    Time and effort for a body sculpted,
    Preened and presented, abs like rock
    Better than Joe Public with fat erupted,

    Looking for that dream partner with looks to die for,
    A life time mate that you think will stick,
    Though you will always love yourself more
    Because basically you are still a p r i c k.
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