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    Male, 57, 6'0"

    SW (September 9, 2019): 215.8 lb (BF 27.3%, MM 29.9%)
    GW (September 19, 2019): 211.0 lb
    Additional goals: 1) Decrease body fat (BF), 2) Increase muscle mass (MM).

    09/10: 216.5 lb Considering yesterday's calorie load, this 0.7 lb gain is a miracle. Back on track, today!
    09/11: 215.8 lb
    09/12: 218.0 lb (2 a.m.)/216.9 lb (3 a.m.)/216.3 lb (4:30 a.m.)..It's all about the 💩 !
    09/13: 215.2 lb (BF 27.2%, MM 30.0%)
    09/14: 214.7 lb (BF 27.1%, MM 30.1%)

    I was 477 calories OVER my goal and STILL lost 0.5 lb. I'm guessing that I slightly miscalculated the calories in my tacos, yesterday, plus the 1500 cal that MFP recommends that I eat (and the 1800 cal limit that I set, myself) are way too low. Based on proven experience and not some universal, pie-in-the-sky formula for determining how many daily calories I need, I usually lose weight if I'm under 2200 cal per day. If I stick to MFP's recommended 1500 cal per day, I will lose ~ 1 lb per day. Words-to-the-wise: Don't blindly follow any recommendations. Experiment and see what works (and doesn't work), then adjust, accordingly.

    I'm the opposite of I eat the calories MFP tells me then I gain weight 😅

    Are you a Premium member? Maybe they are trying to keep you, here! ;)

    I RARELY even get close to my carbs limit, so I end-up drinking my excess calories at the end of the day. Sometimes, I should just ignore my calorie limit, and I should plan my meals, better.

    No not a premium - why pay when you can get it for free lol x
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    @GrandmaJackie I love Pete's newest pic. Keep em coming!!
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