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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • remonapollardremonapollard Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Losing weight to get under 70kg
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Member Posts: 1,980 Member Member Posts: 1,980 Member
    In one week I get my A1C tested again and hope all this hard work has paid off since my journey began in April, when I was diagnosed as prediabetic. -72 lbs since I last had it checked and saw my Dr.

    Pulling for you! 🤞 I will get mine tested in November ahead of my next doctor visit. I am down a shade over 30 lbs since my last check-up in May and have been close to "beast mode" exercise wise since getting through my hip replacements rehab. My goal is to knock A1C down and otherwise improve labwork results to such levels to make my doctor consider changing professions 😉😆

    haha, I love that! Good luck to you too my friend!
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