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    Hi how are you
  • BarbyUltra
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    Hi everyone. I'm Barbara. Have to figure out how to get my picture posted. I'm here to lose a little weight (5 lbs) and STAY at this weight. I also am back at a gym since December. I want better posture and to be more flexible. As well as to be toned (who doesn't want that? lol). Good luck everyone!
  • Tareen70
    Tareen70 Posts: 10 Member
    Good luck I need to lose 20lb but am goin do it so good luck 😉
  • rikkijo88
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    Just starting out on this interesting journey. So far it hasn't been exceedingly horrible. Mainly just cutting back on calories and getting more active. Any advice/tips is most definitely appreciated!
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    Hi everyone, I’m Pete a player by heart of different sports.

    As a junior I was active ice hockey player till B-juniors. Never made it to big cities near, but loved the game and team spirit. Did not really have that final urge to get there, but still play after forty years, beer leagues and an annual tournament is a must.

    Started comp sailing at 16-yo. We got closer and closer the national top, and then my helmsman got engaged. Ended our quest about right there at top-5 in the national rankings. Twice in juniors worlds.

    Bacame an alpine skiing instructor right after my 18th birthday and taught for about ten years in near by hills. But combining working as a pilot and spending nights at the slopes and occationally making artificial snow few nights around the clock during a week did not go together. Still love to ski though. Not many days in a winter on skis, but when I get up the mountains, I feel liberated and free.

    At 25 got inducted into the wonderfull world of the game of golf. Still practice auite a lot and play allmost every day during season mid May till late October. Trying to get better every day, but the better you get the harder it is to improve. Margin of error gets smaller as tou progress. Have levelled at 4.0. Still at 52 trying to get down to scratch.

    And in addition to my sports palett I’m vivid tennis player during winter. Seniors leagues and the Seniors nationals are an order.

    Anyway. The reason for me getting involved with MFP was that I got so freaking worn out. Started logging and found out, that my intake was about 1000 kcal short. It has really opened my eyes, how much I really need to eat to get more strength and stamina. Not to mention to maintain consistency during a four hour golf game. I often played about 12 to 13 holes really good and then lost focus and made many unexpected errors.

    Retired now. Since I started golf and the start was so fast getting into bogey player, I thought that I’ll now dream big and start aiming to scratch. Still on that route.

    Got carried away, hopefully that was not too boring read.

  • Kristle582
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    I started on here awhile ago and lost a little weight then I just stopped. I stopped logging and exercising and have managed to gain almost 60 pounds! I am starting over again and would love to make some new friends along the way!
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    Hello all, my name is Amy. I'm 25 years old, 5'2", and I currently weigh about 260 lbs. While I don't have (or want) a goal weight, I'm gunning for 20% body fat. I have been obese for as long as I can remember. I finally decided to grow up and look at myself holistically, acknowledging that I've treated myself like garbage. I'm not here to try getting healthy. I'm here to become a queen. A woman who meets her needs (physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally), has standards, enforces boundries, continuously grows, and, above all else, has true self respect. This is do or die for me, because failure means killing the queen inside.

    "I win or I learn, but I never lose."
    -Marie Forleo
    "You never fail until you stop trying"
    -Albert Einstein
  • arimphillips
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    Kristle582 wrote: »
    I started on here awhile ago and lost a little weight then I just stopped. I stopped logging and exercising and have managed to gain almost 60 pounds! I am starting over again and would love to make some new friends along the way!

    Hi Kristle582. I am also looking to release over 100 lbs. I don't have much in the way of advise yet. What I can say is that true, lasting health starts with your mindset, not your body. A recommended read I recieved is "Deep Nutrition". It's dense, but definitely worth the read if you're serious about transforming yourself.
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    I'm looking for accountability on this journey. Goal is to consistently exercise 3x a week and stop all the sugar stuff.
  • kdhaile
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    45 yr old man looking to start off losing 30 (well 33.9 from scale today :() Have used MFP in the past with good results (10-15 lbs) and looking to start back up. Going to the gym 1-2 days a week and recently completed my weight light plan. Feel free to add me as I need the motivation to keep going and can help you to keep going.
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    Hi I’m new. Just started. 48 yar old looking to lose 30 pounds. Tips please.
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    Good morning! I'm Cathrine from Norway, 28 years of age and looking to lose the weight I gained from two pregnancies. I have been doing this on and off for 9 years, but now I am ready to go all in as I need to lose 30 kg. You are welcome to add me as a friend for support 😊
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    Hi I'm Lisa, I'm from Dorset. Had two kids and weight going up and down. Surviving panic attacks and mild depression after my nephew died of cancer. Can't do high impact workouts due to an accident so low impact workouts,walks, swims , yoga and some light weights.Looking to lose weight, gain confidence, make an online community for banter and support. Used to love making smoothies,juices and healthy snacks so will post some recipes on here to to help others. Please add me as a friend if you like👍
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    Hi, I'm Wendi from Isle of Wight, returning after trying a zillion other plans & failing lol .. I know this works so am re-educating myself to eat less of the bad stuff & more of the good... I would love to lose 7 stone but 1 would be nice for starters & go from there.. This MFP is awesome.. Hopefully I can pick up some tips from you all, along the way :) x
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    We all know its that time of year to get ourselves in a good routine because the Holidays are coming. We all need inspiration from others... May you all succeed in a nee health and life style. New Friends are always welcome.
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    trying to commit and stay on here! feel free to add
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    Hello all! Looking to loose 70 pounds, and make some new friends along the way!
  • davidkuntschik
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    Hello. My name is Susan. Am 12 lbs. to goal but have lost my motivation. Weight steadily creeping up. Fall is a bad time depression wise. Where can I find motivation?

    Susan, congratulations on only needing 12 more pounds. You've done the work and proved you are capable of doing it, so when you lose your motivation, write on your mirror "look at the success you've already achieved! I gotta this! Easy peasy!" So everytime you fill in motivated go look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Reservoir_Dog
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    Hi All! Been using the app daily since early Feb..down 55 lbs so far, and hoping for 80 eventually :blush: 60 yrs old, and been enjoying reading everyone's success stories!! up to 6 days a week in the gym, 2000 calories a day, and learned what macro's are all about :)