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    Great race report @7lenny7 - love to see other people living trails like I do.

    Question - have you worn the PEK before, and if not, do you credit it with your PB? Do you think the positioning of it could improve your occasional leg pain too? ;)
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    Loved the race report @7lenny7, and congrats on that 50K PR...awesome, just simply frickin' awesome! And good luck with the next race.
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    ACSL3 wrote: »
    Hey all - I'm Audrey. I used to post infrequently in this group a couple of years back and then had a series of unfortunate events and wasn't running for quite some time. Getting back into it, and was going to join in for the November thread, but I have been reading your posts for the past week or so.

    Figured I'd jump in on @Elise4270's question. I'd recommend looking into what's called The Blue Zone Diet - and that's diet as in a way of eating, not as in something to do until you lose weight/etc. It looks at various areas of the world that have the highest concentration of 100+ year old people. What they found is a mostly Whole Food, Plant Based (WFPB) diet with some meat - mostly fish. Okinawa is the place where most people think about this kind of eating (the older Okinawan diet, as they've become more "Westernized" since WWII).
    WFPB is different from Vegan though they share some characteristics - the biggest way to describe the difference is that something like Oreos are Vegan, but they are not WFPB. Paleo shares some characteristics, just a different focus on what the main food group is (animal product vs. plant product but still fresh, whole foods - usually). It may be why some diets seem so extreme in differences but have similar outcomes for healthier lives.

    It's an interesting idea and one I've discussed with a mentor quite a bit as we're both interested in nutrition and how it relates to health and fitness.
    It's how I eat for the most part right now. I eat mainly plant based at home (my fiancee refuses to give up cheese, though I haven't asked her to give up anything; but if she makes something with cheese I eat it too, because, cheese, ya know? haha). I eat fish at home maybe once a week, mostly only when I go out to eat. I do eat chicken/turkey when eating out on occasion, but I stay away from red meat and pork. That's mainly because I don't like the idea of eating it and likely have a bit of IBS and don't feel well when I eat those things. I've definitely been variations of vegetarian and vegan and have definitely been a junk-food vegan in the past. I'm way healthier (though obese currently) eating mostly WFPB with some meat/animal products that fairly closely lines up with the Blue Zone way of eating.

    Also, I have been WFPB with no animal products while lifting heavy - you can absolutely get enough protein. There's a reason rice and beans is a staple in many cultures - it's a complete protein. Soy and Quinoa are also complete proteins. And Vitamin B12 actually comes from a bacteria - the reason cows and other animals get it and we struggle is because they eat dirt with their food and we've become way too sanitized in our eating. The bacteria is found in dirt :) Though it's supplemented in a lot of foods we eat (cereal and such). You can also get it in Nutritional Yeast, which is an excellent popcorn topping if you ask me :smiley:

    Hey Audrey! Nice to see you pop in here just for me!!!! Hahaha! I'm so down. Thank you.

    I had that roast last night and probably just ate too much and felt sickish. Had a burger today and it's just not what feels right, right now. I heard about the dirt and the B12! Pretty cool.

    Thanks again for the direction and the dirt/skinny! I'm going to check it out!

    I love yeast btw. Hope your unfortunate events are all in the past!
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    @ACSL3 - welcome back! My trainer's mom is Japanese and he has family there. We have talked several times about the Blue Zone diet and the research behind it. Very interesting stuff!

    I was living in Japan when I was somewhat more active in this thread a few years ago. I had heard about the Okinawa people having so many 100+ people and it being linked to diet, but never really knew what the diet was until I lived on the mainland (and we went to Okinawa all the time). The diet has definitely changed from what it was, but it's an interesting concept.
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    Here is an article from NPR about the Blue Zones and it looks like there are multiple sites dedicated to that lifestyle now...
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    @7lenny7 Wow, amazing job!
    @mbaker566 that does look like a fun race - congrats!

    I had a recovery day Monday, was lazy/busy/traveling Tuesday, and spent time with a friend today, hiking 15k in a national park. It was wonderful.