12 Week Challenge - 9/23 to 12/16



  • dustyspal
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    Lots of nice losses this week!!
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    Your goal is absolutely realistic. I truly believe that you can make it to your goal if you really double down on the next few weeks. It would also be worth it to drink more water incase you have any nasty water weight dragging down your progress. You're doing great!
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    Highest Weight: 203lbs
    Current Weight: 180.5lbs
    12 Week Goal Weight: 161lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 126 (I'm short)

    Weigh In Schedule:
    Sept 23:180.5
    Sep 30:178.5 (-2)
    Oct 7:178 (-0.5)
    Oct 14:175.5 (-2.5)
    Oct 21: 173.5 (-2)
    Oct 28: 173 (-0.5)
    Nov 4: 171 (-2)
    Nov 12: 172 (+1, Down 8.5 since Sept 23, 11 to go)

    Honestly, that's not bad, been up late (studying), up early (working), stopped tracking last few days, have hardly left house (so I've missed my normal 90min walk a day...I walk to work, etc... so my activity is way down), drinking too much tea + coffee, not enough water and decided once I wasn't eating 'junk' I could eat what ever I wanted till I got this submission done. So I guess I've been eating at maintenance, probably a bit over, but I get a bit of respite from tomorrow for a couple of weeks. So back to logging absolutely everything, dig out the bike and find the gym again :D

    Was reading the chats / stats about folks being on here, interesting... thanks @mthwbrwn Honestly, I think the last week would have re-railed me at another time, but knowing I was checking in here did add a level of moderation.
  • MoKaaz
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    Well done on meeting your original goal! At this rate I'm sure you'll crush this new one in no time.
  • dustyspal
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    @Kaitie9399. 👍 meeting your goal.
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    dustyspal wrote: »
    Days I used to worry about. My 3-month check-up with my doctor. I never liked going to the doctor's office, mainly because they would always tell me the same thing, "You need to lose weight." Like I didn't already know that. So I stopped going for years. I went back at the beginning of this journey, in August. This time, however, I proudly walked into the office. Down nearly 60 pounds since summer, down nearly 90 from my highest. Everything went well. Just missed the call about my bloodwork.. That will have to wait until tomorrow. Been a good day.

    Congrats! That's a great accomplishment and you should be so proud! 👏
  • fourathomej
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    GOALS: 1800 cals - workout 4X/week - 16:8 IF - 10000 steps a day!

    Highest Weight:196lbs
    Current Weight: 154lbs
    12 Week Goal Weight: 140lbs
    Final Goal Weight: 130lbs

    Weigh In Schedule:
    9/23: 154.8 - Had a bit of a foodie weekend with hubby at the lake...
    9/30: 154 - I'll take after this week! Crazy stress - overwhelmed! Over cals 3x :(
    10/07: 153.6 - I'll take it!! Not a great week - didn't even track for 2 days - That is not like me!
    10/14: 152.8 - After Thanksgiving weekend!! How did that happen??
    10/21: 153 - long week - getting back on track...no motivation!!!
    10/28: 152.6 - It's been up and down - but more down then up - this week is birthday week - 6 partys coming up - YIKES!!!
    11/4: 153 - This is my Monday weigh in. It's just been a week. It's Christmas set up week for me - so long days at multiple stores. Not eating properly...who has time - lol. 2 more birthdays this weekend and then they are all done!! Long weekend - Remembrance day on Monday! I so need it!
    11/11: 155.2 - Everything is just off. I'm not sleeping and my body just doesn't like it. My night snacking is back and I was doing so good!!!
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    @Dustyspal. Congrats on surpassing your challenge goal weight! What's your new challenge goal gonna be?