Women 200lb+, Let's Make No Excuses This November!!!



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    @shortpine and @aliciap0116 You both are so right…it is true that trying to do something that just does not fit into my lifestyle is silly and will only discourage me. I am going to enjoy my trip and bump the calories up to maintenance. There won’t be laundry, house cleaning, child events etc. to stop me from exercising while I am there too! I have even pondered that if I fit it in everyday of my trip…it will form somewhat of a habit! I do have an exercise bike at home, but I don’t like it...it hurts my but…lol. Financially, I am not in the position to get something else. But I am going to continue to look for used equipment. I did join a gym…which my goal was to go there on weekends mostly…and I am going to continue to make this part of my goals.

    @aliciap0116 the meditation is something I have been looking into as well…I will have to see if I can check that out. I really should take something for my level of anxiety but I don’t want to…makes me feel funny…so meditation and journaling has been my alternative.

    @shortpine I am a “compulsive weigher” (Hi my name is Margie and I am a compulsive weigher...lol)…and I have been trying to stop because it affects me negatively a lot of the time. I think I may do the same on the weigh in on Wednesday instead of Friday!!! But I think I am just going to take the punch and work on getting it back off in December It will really test my ability to eat maintenance calories on my trip.

    @stacievogue OMG I laughed at your potty at work thing…so true…funny thing is we have a scale here where I work…lol

    @candyn617 I am glad you are here! I often say my weight loss journey is like doing the two step with a twist…two steps forward, two steps back 

    I LOVE this thread…wish MFP would allow us to reply to each post because I always feel I left someone out that I wanted to comment on!

    Welcome to all the new folks!

    I may be slightly MIA for the next week or so as far as posts…but I will be using the app to log everything…so have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    I need to ask MPF to add a "funny" button for some of these posts!!

    I have been procrastinating at work today and researching what I should be doing for a strength routine. My office gym is very minimal but I have the best shot at going there instead of to a real one based on time constraints. So I wanted to find something that was manageable for the resources easily at hand.

    Anyhow, I wanted to share these two articles - I can't vouch for them (and think it would be impossible for me to reach the proposed levels of protein) but thought they might be interesting for those trying to figure out the working out part of this journey.


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    @Stacivogue I'm sorry about everything you have been through, but way to go biting the bullet! I think its great that you are taking it slow with exercise. Like @aliciap0116 said "find a fitness routine that works for your personality and life".The hardest part is getting started and it seems like you have some manageable goals set. Looking forward to hearing your progress.

    @shorepine don't feel guilty! I feel the weight loss community can be a bit toxic sometimes (not here tho!) because everyone thinks what they are doing is the best thing to do. Now that be the case for them, but what works for someone may not work for you. If you can't be in the gym at 5am, thats nothing to feel bad about. That doesn't mean you aren't taking it as serious as someone who is or that you don't care about your weight loss. I think the treadmill in the living room is a great idea if you see yourself using it more. This is not to bash those of you who get up at 5am to go to the gym, you guys are amazing!

    @aliciap0116 I hope all is well. Good job avoiding those scones. Sometimes just pausing and thinking helps you realize that you aren't hungry. I also eat my first meal around 11am so I am constantly telling myself I don't need that Egg McMuffin and hash brown in the morning, and guess what, I don't!

    I have been good with the calories, not eating too much. I have not been as good with the exercise. Idk why its been so hard. I have my gym membership and/or hiking trails which are on the way home from work . I am healthy and have no injuries or anything preventing me from exercising. I have a week off next week for Thanksgiving break so I am going to use that as a jump start since I won't be working. I have fit exercise into my schedule before so its realistic. Starting is the hardest part! But at least the weight trend is decreasing since I have been monitoring my calorie intake. The exercise will come, I know it will.
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    @mmccloy12 I really find myself stumbling on some days more than others. Life always seems to find a way to throw us curveballs just when things seem to be on track. Juggling home and family, work It's so easy to forget to make ourselves a priority. I am guilty of putting everyone and everything in front of my own needs, health. And before I knew it. I have to virtually lose half my body weight to become healthy according to the BMI charts. Its so overwhelming. But finding MFP and this wonderful group has kept me inspired. It's so nice to have a place to go where everyone has similar goals and struggles. You all rock!!
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    Welcome to all the new faces. You've found a great group for support, help, and friendship along your journey.

    @mmccloy12 Vent away because we are here to listen, support, and help best we can. I'm sorry you've got such stress right now. For the exercise problem look into youtube videos to do when you get home. The variety is endless. I've seen Leslie Sansone mentioned for walk at home videos. I use a few no equipment needed from popsugar and fitness blender. If you enjoy dancing fitness marshall is kinda cool. I have zero rhythm and two left feet but I like moving with him. Since you don't use the bike looking into selling/trading it for something you do like. You've did great making plans for the trip. I agree with eating at maintenance while your away. If you are having a "good" day then eat at loss calories. I know you can make it work!

    @aliciap0116 You are so right about sleep being important to our health. I rarely get more than 4hrs a night with most of that being restless. I was hoping my cpap would help with that but nope. Meditation and yoga help me to relax and stay sane so highly recommend those.

    @Stacivogue You've been through so much and are now ready for a fresh start. Being consistent and having a plan are keys to successful loss. Since the gym is closer than you thought you've already got one goal achieved. Just start easy since you are injured.

    @sharpdust Use your week off to get in some of those hikes and reach your goal. Keep thinking how great it will feel when you finish the last one. A committed year and follow through will be such an accomplishment. I know you've got it in you and can get it done.

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    @amlundie I am not worrying about Thanksgiving too much either since I am doing the cooking! I can control what sides I make and also how much I choose to put in my mouth!! If I decide to indulge I will log it and move on. Life is meant to be enjoyed. I think the main thing is to get back on track as soon as possible. I will also try to up my exercise so I have a little wiggle room! I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!
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    Height 5' 5"
    SW: 257.6lbs (06/17/2019)
    CW: 229.8
    11/8: 226.6
    11/15: 228
    11/22: 224.6
    Nov Goal: Anything under 225
    GW: 170

    I had a great week, and my clean eating has been working this week. But, and it's a big one, next week is both shark week and Thanksgiving. I will have to keep reminding myself that neither of these things are a reason to go nuts with my eating. It's a holiDAY, not a holi-week of crazy eating and drinking!

    Other goals -

    Exercise at least 3 times a week - Only twice this week. The cold and the dark make this rough.
    Clean up weekend eating - Holiday party this Saturday, let's see if I can keep it under control.
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    SW 262.8
    CW 215.
    UGW 140.0

    11/8 211.0
    11/15 212.8
    11/22 210.0
    Total loss 5lbs

    Weekly Goals
    - go to bed before I get super drowsy ✅
    - get at least 8500 steps a day 6/7
    - do a YouTube workout video x 2 a week 0/7 days
    - Log everything 5/7

    I came down with a bad cold this week. I tried to get my steps in but yesterday I just didn’t have the energy. I didn’t do the YouTube video for the same reason. I am tickled pink with my weight loss so far. If I can lose 1 pound this week I will be happy.

    You all are such an inspiration for me. I read every post. For those celebrating thanksgiving next week don’t stress too much. We have to be able to enjoy the holidays. I am Canadian so we celebrated in October. I ate at maintenance for the day and I even sampled 3of the 4 desserts.

    So Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating. Above all enjoy yourself with family and friends.

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    Hi everyone, especially new faces! I am new as well, I just joined this accountability thread for November, but I am definitely planning to keep it going for future months.

    This week has nooooot been my best week, but I am resetting today and just getting focused again, no reason to beat myself up. I am slightly worried about the holiday as I am a grazer, I eat a lot of small things that just wind up to me overeating and leaving stuffed. I am hoping if I stay away from the little trays of food I can avoid it (fingers crossed).

    Besides not making the best food choices this week, I did go to the gym twice and got a great workout both times, and I have been doing really good with my water intake. I am trying to get that gym number to three or some type of workout on youtube, but I have yet to make that happen. Hopefully after this holiday weekend I can bump it to three times because work, school, and life will just slow down a little bit and I won't be able to use that as an excuse.

    Happy Holiday to those who are celebrating! It's so encouraging to see so many people posting.
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    stefsc1 wrote: »
    April start weight: 397.7

    I'm surely not going to reach my lofty goal of a nearly 11 pound loss for the month, but I'm still in great shape to reach 100 pounds lost by the end of the year. :)

    That's fantastic! You're doing so well.

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    stefsc1 wrote: »

    I'm surely not going to reach my lofty goal of a nearly 11 pound loss for the month, but I'm still in great shape to reach 100 pounds lost by the end of the year. :)

    100lb loss, wow, that is amazing. Go you!! I can't wait until I am able to say that as well. Sometimes it just seems so far away and I get discouraged, so I try to focus on my weekly numbers and how those are adding up. This was inspiring for me to read as I have been feeling a little discouraged with my own numbers, thank you :)