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    MissMay wrote: »
    Well hello gang.
    Yup...I am always keeping an eye on you guys over here. 👀
    Just wanted to say happiest of New Years to you all. May your goals and ambitions come true for 2020.

    And huge hug for @RubyRed427. You were (and still are) an enormous reason I stepped up my game two years ago in taking control of my drinking❤

    That was such a sweet comment. I am a lurker on your thread this past year. I think this new year I'd like to participate on it. I appreciate it and still enjoy catching up with you and my old friends reading your posts.
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    Hi ALL: Just checking in. The After Eight mints are now delivered and safely out of my hands LOL

    I'm dogsitting for a couple of days and that is my company this eve. Tomorrow I will be attending a Tea Party with a bunch of wee girls, so that should be fun watching them have fun.

    Hope everyone has a safe, AF evening. See you in 2020 <3
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    My laptop is back at the Techno Dr. I just had a new hard drive installed in October & it is being stupid again. I told them whatever the issue is this is a freebie cause it should not be giving me grief already. Rrrrrrrrrr!! Is there anyone here who knows anything if this nature? SO frustrating!! Especially because I know so little & feel I am at their mercy!
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    I have recently had some reminders of why I am so glad that I am working to continue to stay sober. Watching people manipulate & lie to be able to continue killing themselves with alcohol is one of the saddest reminders. And they cannot see because they are clouded by denial. How many DUIs does a person need to accumulate & losing family members & others who care about them. My biggest fear when I was drinking was getting to the point where I did not care if I stopped drinking. Not just stopping caring about myself but about those who I claim to love. Alcohol kills in more ways than one. It can rob us of a quality of life that sobriety enhances.

    I hope that everyone is succeeding in their fight <3
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    Yep Lorraine it's all the same crap just a fancy name on it😁