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    Hi All 😊 Great to read all the comments & welcome to all the newbies. I can relate to the failure to moderate generating feelings of guilt. I am mostly an all or nothing kinda person, so I find AF the way to be for me!! Moderation does not work for me.

    Perhaps that is why I have difficulty moderating food. We need food to live so it isn't like there is another option. If I could be FF like I am AF I'd be set. I've been working on the food thing consistently since Dec 30 & am beginning to feel less dragged out & sluggish. For me food is basically the same as alcohol as far as self medicating & numbing out. It's just a different substance.

    Hoping everyone is continuing their work toward health & happiness 🌹
  • NewMeTomG
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    The Daybreak app evolved from the Hello Sunday Morning forum in Australia. One of the downsides is that it isn't free, though many people have found it quite helpful. Those of us who were using the free site created a community site for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol by joining other like-minded people at It is free, safe, no advertising and open to anyone looking to cut down, moderate or quit drinking altogether. It is worth checking out if you are interested.