Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 102



  • AR10at50
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    @musicax My heart is with you. Losing a parent is not easy. Hugs to you. 💚
  • quiltingjaine
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    @musicsax I’m so sorry for your loss 🙏🙏 but what a wonderful gain -a baby boy!
  • bearly63
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    Very sorry for losing your dad. Enjoy the happy memories and be ready to tell your grandson some stories about him! <3
  • BSchoberg
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    kmfeig87 wrote: »
    @BSchoberg I was just looking at your round history and wanted to say way to go!! You have been so consistent!!

    @deepwoodslady Donna, glad your sugar levels got back where they needed to be and that you are ok! Weight loss is a tricky enough business without the T2D. You are a winner, though, and your dedication will see you through. Hugs!

    Thanks for that! I am sometimes frustrated with the slow pace, but I know it's best in the long run. And I'm in it for the long run. :smiley: