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  • mhassan160mhassan160 Member Posts: 185 Member Member Posts: 185 Member
    You are all awesome guys thank you so much for inspiration 😍
  • pippo_11pippo_11 Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    Down 50lb
    Great work Robert. You look fantastic man!
    22 years old (First pic) vs 32 years old (2nd and 3rd pics did my very first show). 10 year transformation.
    Well done Fish. You look great too!
    edited February 13
  • TravisJHuntTravisJHunt Member Posts: 500 Member Member Posts: 500 Member
    So many great stories, keep it up folks, you're all doing so awesome!
  • SandysphatSandysphat Member Posts: 130 Member Member Posts: 130 Member
    So awesome all of you 💣💣💣💥
  • MelG7777MelG7777 Member Posts: 7,350 Member Member Posts: 7,350 Member
    Still a work in progress! 40lbs down!

    Great job!! Looking amazing.
  • MelG7777MelG7777 Member Posts: 7,350 Member Member Posts: 7,350 Member
    NatalieBkk wrote: »

    114kg to 69kg.
    Since the black bikini pic I have gained 11kg back (green bra pic) but I’ve been on track again for the past few weeks and am down 3kg so far. My goal is to reach 64kg. I’m currently going to the gym every day for 1-2 hours and eating 1200-1800 calories per day.

    You’re a freaking hottie.
  • RobAS355RobAS355 Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member Member, Premium Posts: 16 Member
    MelG7777 that's impressive, like two different people in you before and after photos. You should be proud
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