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    bearly63 wrote: »
    R105 – Theme: It’s A Turtle Attempting to run a Marathon! It’s Going To Take A While…….🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

    Goals in 2020: gain lean muscle mass, gain strength, improve running times, focus on macros esp protein goals, hit goal weight.

    56 year young, female, 5' 7"ft

    OSW 160.0 lbs
    RSW 145.8 lbs
    RGW 144.5 lbs (Anything with a 144 in it will be good)
    UGW 137.0 lbs (I want to gain muscle/going by jeans fit/ so this is just a #)

    Past Rounds:
    R101 1/17/20 EW: 148.2
    R102: 1/27/20 EW: 149.0
    R103: 2/06/20 EW: 147.0
    R104: 2/16/20 EW: 145.8


    2/17: 145.8 (0) No change from yesterday, which is a win. I was able to get in a big run, with lots of walking and stretching to keep the hip happy. Then we went to Korean Food with friends in town – no idea what we were eating with all the sauces, rice, etc. Sodium had to be off the charts. I assume it will rear its ugly little head tomorrow. 😆But it was fun to see them😎

    2/18: 145.4 (-.4) Went to slow flow yoga and then walked with a friend for 3.75 miles. I was sore and tired last night – not sure why. I ate well, tried to work on protein intake and getting enough fiber but my challenge is getting fiber without wrecking my carbs. I am not winning the macro thing! Need to go back to Macro 101!😝

    @bearly63 - I struggle with getting enough fiber in without messing up carbs too - I find that taking pysillium capsules helps or take the loose pysillium and mix with other things is a great weigh to up fiber without adding too much in the carb column! (I'll mix it with a high protein yogurt or kefir and low glycemic index fruit)
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    @holli1ch - Thank you for the encouragement!

    @fmfdfa2020 - Thanks for the advice. I think I may do what you suggested and be more strict for a few days, as shorter term does seem more manageable. My dwindling motivation is definitely in need of a kick in the pants!

    @CamandJarvis that is fantastic news - congratulations!! Having it all official must be such a relief. Now you can really make some concrete plans!
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    @TwistedSassette Thank you! Its very much a relief. BF is working on getting that Friday off to drive up then so we can spend Saturday loading the trailer and drive Sunday rather than condense that into 2 days (its a 12 hour drive each way... Bit hard to do in 48 hours when we have to load a uhaul and sleep sometime!)

    Also, go you!! Happy you got to see a drop and excited for your new bike! I'm also glad you're staying positive with your hubby's diagnosis. Hopefully the medications help and he will slowly be on board with a healthier lifestyle! There's hope if he gets on board, he can come off medication with time! I'll keep you both in my thoughts as you adjust to this change
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    @quiltingjaine Happy Belated Birthday my dear!! 😊 🎂 🎁 🎊

    @MarisaMSimon Happy Birthday to you also🍰🎉🎁
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    @CamandJarvis OMG it’s getting real now!!! Woohoo! Congratulations!
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