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    Read this--thanks for the link. I'm wearing a mask when I go out, and most people in Italy are. The discussion about the mask not protecting you from others, but wearing one will protect people you are in contact with if you are infected, is a no-brainer for me. If everyone wore one then you'd be protecting the rest of the populace. You can be infected and not know it for 2-3 weeks. That's why this virus is so hard to stop.

    My mask is homemade. I sterilize it after every use and have a filtering material that I pin in the inner pocket. I throw the filter away after every use.

    Another question, I've been told if we just let the mask sit for 3 days after we've used it, it's okay to use it again? I don't go outside the house very often so 3 days between usage is very doable. :/

    My niece is having someone she knows make masks, with a pocket for the filter. If you have to throw the filter out after every use, where do you get more? Probably a dumb question. :blush: And there again, if you just let it sit for 3 days, can you simply reuse it?

    Thanks Snowflake. You've been on my mind. Wishing you and your family the very best.

    Furnace filters can be used in the inside pockets. you can get it in H. Depot or hardware store.

    Thank you for that information. :) Next thing to be sold out. :/
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    I had to venture out yesterday evening to take my truck to the autoparts store because the stupid maintenance light came on (figures; I just paid the sucker off). They couldn't read by order of the health department, but I was able to purchase a reader and get the code myself. Apparently it has a sensor going out....lovely.....

    My mom went with me as she needed some things, too. After I picked up my pharmacy order through drive through, we ended up at Walmart. Despite how how traffic has been, I was pleasantly surprised to see how un-populated both Walmart and Lowes were! There was maybe 1/3 or less of the normal total number of people in there, and most were trying to practice the social distancing. I suppose the reality has taken hold over there since there are 2 confirmed cases now.

    Some people are wearing masks and some aren't. Some are wearing gloves, and I've seen a few tossed on the ground.

    The one thing that irritated me was while in Lowes, the sales associated we were talking to kept getting too close (mom needed a new stove; great time for hers to go out!) I'd keep backing up, and the next thing you knew, she was in too close again.

    Lowes here has put up plastic barriers between the cashier and the customers they're checking out, which surprised me this weekend. I didn't encounter any other employees.

    The gloves on the ground outside stores really bothers me - there are trash cans right outside the store doors. Is it really so hard to get them into the trashcan? :rage: If you're worried about getting your items to the car/cart put back before taking them off, fine, but it only takes an extra minute to walk back to the trashcan and then get back to your vehicle.

    I noticed that here when I went to Costco and at Dunkin Donuts they put tables in front of the cashier to promote distance.
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    bmeadows, make sure if she buys a stove at Lowes, she uses it a LOT in the 1st couple of days, to make sure it works, not sure but I think their return window is 2 days(could be wrong). :( My sister bought a washing machine there, Whirlpool(good brand right??)and even from the beginning it didn't work right. She couldn't use her hot water cycles but let it go because she's got enough things to worry about and that was small potatoes, to her. Big mistake. Lowes refuses to return it after trying to get that cycle fixed, and then she's had nothing but multiple problems with it since. One technician who came to the house(some refuse to even come because of Covid-19), told her once you start replacing one part, it affects the whole computer system on it. She can get it to work sometimes, then other days she and her dh are washing clothes by hand. It's been about 6 weeks now and the dang thing still isn't fixed. :( 800 bucks, a huge learning curve.
    Just sayin'.....they don't make things like they used to. :(

    Nope, they don't make things to last these days at all, nor do they make them to be repaired; its all throw-away. She actually bought the most basic stove you could get - has a control knob for the oven instead of a digital display; actually doesn't even have a clock on it! I bought most of my appliances at Lowe's and guess they're about as good as anything else I've bought elsewhere, but I"m like my mom and look for the most basic un-frilled items I can find :)

    I noticed that here when I went to Costco and at Dunkin Donuts they put tables in front of the cashier to promote distance.

    Lowes here also had the plastic barriers. The little Ace Hardware in my local town had the plastic barriers up and also was not allowing customers into the main store - you went to the checkout counter right inside the front door, told them what you wanted, and they sent an employee back to get it. I understand their thinking, but I wasn't seeing that as real efficient because sometimes you know what you want by sight but trying to get the employee to understand what you are looking for can be a challenge; plus, there might be other options to choose from, but the employee would just bring up the first thing they grabbed.

    The Autozone had stacked crates or set tables in front of their checkouts.
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    Just heard from my son in NYC - lower Manhattan. He said the Radisson next door to his building has been converted to a field hospital. He joked that if he had had the virus more seriously he could have just waltzed right next door.

    He started symptoms on 3/20 and felt crappy until Thursday March 26th. Never had breathing issues but more of a tickle in his chest, terrible aches and headache and fever. Didn't bother asking to be tested because well you know.....I sent him a thermometer and he has been taking it to keep track. Problem is it keeps coming in at 97.3 or 97 or today 96.8! WTAF? I know that 98.6 is not necessarily the avg anymore. I took mine with the one I bought - different brand but similar. Mine came back 97.0 Maybe we are just cold hearted people.....

    We've been talking about this here lately. I recently read somewhere that the 'average' temperature has been declining. I'll have to see if I can find the article. Anyway - you're not cold hearted... if you are, then so am I - mine typically runs below 97. Average means some are above and some below, anyway. :)

    Here's the article:

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    Howard County bars sales of nonessential items at essential businesses

    Howard County has banned the sale of these items in local stores during its stay-at-home order:

    Banned purchases
    Home and lawn decor.
    Toys and games.
    Rugs and flooring.
    Non-emergency appliances.
    Books and magazines.
    Craft and art supplies.
    Entertainment electronics.

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    My niece lives in Maine. She was talking with her mom(my sister) this a.m. and said the governor has shut the borders for travel; if you're caught traveling outside the state it's $1000 fine. She can't come visit her parents and hasn't seen them in almost a month.(: