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    I’m over 50, any irreverent feisty women who need a new friend? Feel free to add me.
    Is there a way to join this group?

    Just join in our conversations here. :)

    Each month, there's a new thread to read and converse in. :)
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    Staying up late tonight trying to finish a paper ... or close to it anyway. I'm in the delete and reorganise stuff phase.

    I need to get this done because I need to start another one tomorrow!

    PS. On group work: after providing my group with a research plan (when they didn't have anything) and explaining what needed to be done ... I got an email today from one indicating that they've gone off in left field with it again. They're not "getting" the point of the assignment. <<sigh>> I've replied to them telling them the point of the assignment, and have also sent a copy to the instructors to get clarification that I'm on the right track.

    Half of my work in groups is getting everyone headed the right direction.

    M in Oz

    I've submitted the first assignment and have until midnight tonight to do the next.

    More on group work ... just got an email from my instructor that I'm right. We are supposed to come up with a research plan (as if we were PhD students) ... we are not writing a research paper!

    Hopefully that redirects my group members who want to write a research paper!

    Instructors often think that assigning group work teaches students to work in teams, improves communication, etc. so that students will be better prepared for the workforce ... but it doesn't. Group work makes me feel like I'm 5 years old and "telling" on the other students because they're not doing the right thing. I hate that! And then we have to do "peer reviews" where we're forced to tell on each other. "Johnny didn't write his section properly". In the workforce, we do discuss things and have different ways of approaching things, but the goal is so much clearer and we're looking for a more effective and efficient way of attaining the goal.

    Machka in Oz
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    Coffee or tea drinkers ... what's your preference? :grin:

    Coffee = 1A ... or even darker than 1A.
    Tea = 1A ... although my teas are usually decaf, herbal varieties so they go a golden colour.


    Machka in Oz
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Coffee or tea drinkers ... what's your preference? :grin:

    Coffee = 1A ... or even darker than 1A.
    Tea = 1A ... although my teas are usually decaf, herbal varieties so they go a golden colour.


    Machka in Oz

    I drink tea, is there anything darker than 1A? Maybe 1A+? LOL
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    Children's Books:
    Gyo Fujikawa books
    Dr. Seuss books
    Shel Silverstein books
    The Little Prince
    The Secret Garden
    Stuart Little
    The Jungle Book
    Where the Wild Things Are
    Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!
    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
    The Tale of Peter Rabbit
    The Day the Crayons Quit
    Everyone Poops

    The Dark Crystal
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    Monsters Inc.
    Beauty and the Beast
    Toy Story Movies
    101 Dalmations
    Pete's Dragon
    Shrek Movies
    Harry Potter Movies
    The Incredible Journey
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    Ok for coffee it's 3B and I only drink decafe! and for tea, I drink it black, decafe, often herbal and usually use a bag 3 times... so it's pretty mild.

    kim in N. California
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    Wait, what's an OMAD and AHMOD and other terms like that? Moderators, or...? No clue--thanks.

    Welcome! I think Barbie is right about AHMOD - it's Barb's name for herself. OMAD is One Meal a Day. I had to look up Heather's FOMO - it is Fear of Missing Out. Another one often used here is AF, which stands for Alcohol Free.

    Sometimes I can figure out the initials and sometimes I just can't. Someone will always explain if you ask. Sometimes I just do the best I can using context clues and scroll on.

    We try very hard to only go out when absolutely necessary. I'm going to have to go to Sam's tomorrow to get Daddy some more Ensure, so I plan to stock up on some groceries for us while I'm there. I'll also take the paper and plastic to the recycle bins on my way into town.

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    One thing about writing these papers this weekend is that I haven't been out and about in what feels like forever now. :) Actually, it was Friday ... we picked up our van from the shop, went to the service station to fill it, and then stopped at the hardware shop next door for a few gardening things. Less than an hour later, and with minimal contact with people ... we were home.

    Saturday, Sunday, and today (Monday), we've remained at home. Not even exercise outside because I've been focusing.

    And I should get back to focusing!! :)

    M in Oz
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    Lol, I was wondering about that AF acronym, was pretty sure it wasn't off color, but the only other AF I could think of was Anytime Fitness
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    when your team work their behinds off on an extremely busy day and you realize no one will receive a productivity or census bonus.

    Welcome to working in government. :)

    We're not allowed bonuses no matter how much extra work we do ... like when a virus comes along out of the blue.

    They've also suspended 401k matching & contributions to pension plans.

    And welcome to my husband's situation. :neutral:

    He has a workplace accident ... and is forced to take quite a pay cut and a stop to his pension because that's how the system works. The system thinks he is supposed to go back to work even though he can't.

    Get used to the "new normal" ... that's what I was told. :neutral:

    Day 768 of "shutdown".

    Turning my full energies to virtual medicine - the future.


    We've been ramping up the telehealth here too. My team is busy adding telehealth clinics to the database and they will likely change my quarterly reports quite a bit too.

    I'm hoping a lot of things go virtual.

    M in Oz
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    Machka: Coffee Drinker: 1A or 1B depending on my mood. I don’t add milk due to lactose intolerance. Tea drinker—my choice’s color is not shown. I like Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea. No sugar added and definitely NO MILK due to both lactose intolerance and personal preferences. :wink: As a young child I went to a formal tea party held by my cousin’s Granny. I was five-ish. They gave me a cup of strong black tea with cream. EEEWWWW. It was an unexpected surprise. NOT my thing at 5 and STILL not my thing. :noway:

    Karen in VA: My childhood book favorites are still on my shelf. Marguerite Henry was a favorite author. There were many equine heroes from Brighty of Grand Canyon to King of the Wind. My Auntie Irene gave me those books over time as Christmas gifts. I now have her favorite book from her girlhood, Little Women. by Louisa May Alcott. It was a gift to her from her Auntie for Christmas in 1908. I received it after Auntie Irene’s death. :heart: As an adult I loved the Harry Potter books and the original movie, but not the sequels. :ohwell:

    I almost forgot to mention a favorite series, Amazons and Swallows, written by Arthur Ransome, a British author who was a spy in Russia during WW1, and children's adventure novelist after the war.

    Still on the topic of reading, the public library in our town has shelves full of all sorts of books AND it participates in Library to Go, which is managed through Amazon. I can check out electronic books and download them to my phone, ipad or computer to read at my pleasure. I just checked out For All Time: a Nantucket Brides Novel by Jude Deveraux. All that is required is to have a valid library card from a participating library. :bigsmile:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    The scientific council in France:
    ---is against opening schools on May 11 (announced by president of France, optional for teachers and students, allowing some rural young kids without online connection to continue to learn and to allow parents to return to work to support the economy according to the government),
    ---is in favor of requiring everyone to wear masks in public places, not just people on public transport and in schools as the gov't suggests
    ----(since the gov't is opeing schools anyway) recommends taking temperature every morning before sending kids to school, lunch in classrooms, not in cafeteria, and the classes never meet nor cross one another in corridors, or anywhere else.
    ----ask elderly to stay home after deconfinement after May 11

    The president of France is supposed to give a speech today again. I'm not enthused.