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    Michelle- my kids only call me when they need something.. so I feel you.. I might get a text from Dan for Mothers day and maybe a call from Tracy.
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    Michele- Thanks. Yup keep seeing even government officials pull their mask down to speak. Just talk clearly y loudly they will hear you. Nope they worry about appearances I guess or do it without thinking. I saw a few news reporters doing it right the rest Nope.

    Amber Tx

    Flash cards with JR . Hubby y me took turns. Trying to get hubby envolved more in his teaching since he’s finally at the age where I got him advanced enough to get what we’re asking more. Taught hubby that the red cards in his toy box he can have any time by himself (their super strong made is why ABC cards).. the rest some are exspensive y too thin! So can’t let him run off with those.

    Went over calories but oh well was a treat from hubby which is a nice thing these days. He rented a movie on the tv 📺 y ordered pizza 🍕.JR attacked it! JR attacked spaghetti too today half a box gone only he ate it. His growth spurt in full swing he has a hollow foot at the moment. Gotta keep his calories up the minute the growth spurt happens he shoots up y thins out quickly. Packed a few things he outgrew put in the garage. I need to go through more tomorrow he an inch taller so his belly hanging out of some shirts. Weird how they all say 6,6/7,or 7 yet can be the same size or more like a 5!
    Watching his shoes his toes touching on the new pair already
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    JR since his growth spurt here’s him in March 9th his birthday blue #3 ribbon on the rest is now after the growth spurt May 2nd . Definitely looking older fast

    Amber Tx
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    kymarai wrote: »
    Thank you for the new thread and inspiring words Barbie

    I will be checking in, but am about to enter into a learning phase. My MIL passed yesterday morning. My husband and I spent quite a bit of time with her on Thursday. We are still working at this time. It is therapeutic for us all. Tomorrow we have to go to funeral home. Husband has to sign papers and make a few decisions. Pat had finalized things s couple of months ago before any of us knew how serious her illness was.

    Thank you all for your support! I know if I have questions, concerns, or just need a shoulder that y'all are here for me.

    Have a blessed day!

    Kylia heartbroken in Ohio

    I'm so sorry to hear this Kylia. :heartbreak: But I am glad that you were able to spend time with her and it's good that some things were finalised in advance.

    Machka in Oz
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    Condolences to Kylia and husband.

    People that I know peripherally are starting to get COVID-19. My mother’s first cousin’s teenage great-grandson has it. The same cousin’s sister-in-law’s entire family has it and her caregiver died from it. The caregiver would take the sis-in-law twice a week to the beauty parlor where my mother gets her hair done. This hairdresser works out of her home and continued to keep her shop open throughout the shelter in place. She told my mother that she cleans her shop once a week but there’s no way she can disinfect between every client. I can’t believe this woman admitted to my mother that she is blatantly ignoring the mandate from the governor. I have forbidden mama from setting foot anywhere near that woman’s shop. Luckily, mama agrees with me.

    I think we are going to try to let the grandchildren visit next week. We will hang out outside and practice social distancing.

    I have a hair appt Thursday. I think I am going to it. You have to stay in your car and text them you are there. They will disinfect between clients and come and get you when they’re ready. I’ve had this appointment since February. I missed my April one. The bangs are getting pretty bad. So are my roots, but I’m thinking of letting the color go natural.

    There was no regular all-purpose flour at my grocery store last week. I paid over $5 for a bag of Bob’s Red Mill. Kim, I commend you for keeping your grocery budget so low. Barbie, I’m jealous that you are finding frozen veggies. Our freezer shelves at our grocery store are pretty barren. I’ve upped my game with the fresh veggies.

    Karen, did you get the sum of 1 to 100 figured out? I can draw you a picture if you need it.

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    Heather: Your son is smart to sell his alcohol free wine to amazon and a big supermarket. I think it will lead to success. The restaurant business here is not doing as well as they would like. If the restaurant has a drive-up window it is easy enough for a customer to call in an order and pick it up at the window. If there is no drive-up window it is more difficult. Some restaurants are able to provide take out and have the customer pick up their food at the door of the restaurant. We haven’t tried that yet. We have heard that we can order a Subway Sandwich via phone and pick it up outside the store. I would like to give it a try in a few days. It will be a treat for us if it works. :star:

    (((Kim))): In our family we can make a phone call or use facetime for visits. We are thousands of miles apart and this technology is a blessing for us. In our neighborhood we go outside and talk to friends and neighbors on the paved access for our driveways. We can keep our distance and chat comfortably—IF the weather is cooperating. I hope you have received your stimulus check. :heart:

    Penny: I love the mountain photo with red circles around the climbers. I’m very confident they’re succeeding at maintaining social distances. :wink:

    SuziQ: What a great idea—starting the morning guzzling coffee using a straw in the coffee pot! :bigsmile:

    Michele: I’m happy that you’ve received your stimulus check. I hope we get ours one of these days. :smiley:

    Barbie: I love the grumpy kitty—get a human they said . . .” :laugh: >:)

    (((Kylia))): I am so sorry for your loss. :heart: :broken_heart:

    Machka: It is good to see your post!!! I hope you will be able to rest and refresh your mind, body & energy. :star:

    Today has been pleasant. DH & I went "bike riding" in the garage together. We ride our terra-trykes on trainers burning calories while riding side by side to nowhere, and listening to our old time favorite music from the 60s and 70s. I’ve ridden on my own several times since we set the trykes on their trainers, but this was the first time DH rode with me. :bigsmile:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Kylia, deepest sympathy to you and your dear hubby and family on the passing of your mother-in-law.
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    Barbie, My deepest thanks, as always, for starting our new thread this and every month!

    Irish Terry, thanks for your very insightful post yesterday. Once I hit goal weight, it became easier to maintain because I’d been faithful about tracking food for a year and a half. I love that MFP allows me (on Premium, which I treat myself to!) to set individual goals for each of my five “meals” a day, one of which is my meds and supplements. Yes, most meds are listed, and yes, I’m compulsive about it, but giving in to the better of my compulsions has gotten me where I am.

    I’ve had RNY Bypass surgery when I was 75. I’m now 77, and have gotten my health back, thank goodness.
    OW - 262.2
    SW - 234.3 1/2/19
    GW - 145
    CW - 136.6
    I’d like to regain about 5 lbs, I’m 5’5” tall and am now looking too thin.

    Janet OKC, Lovely, lovely picture of little Lydia! Isn’t it amazing to think of being great-grandparents? For me it’s a bit like when I turned 75. The prevailing thought is kind of “How the heck did that happen without me noticing?”

    Oh, Rebecca! I’m enchanted by your image of our happily nudist organs no longer hampered by their overcoats and mufflers of fat! Delightful thought!

    Karen, what very good news about Josephine! And if I had a pink wig, it would be my favorite too!

    Kylia and husband, my thoughts and prayers go with you on this journey. Rest often, stay well, and turn to others as you need.

    Machka, do take the extra sleep you need. I tend to be a long sleeper, so 9 hrs a night is frequent. Some nights I sleep 10-11 with a brief wake-up and then dozing with kitties. And then there are the days I take nap after nap and actually sleep a total of 13 hrs or more. Our bodies know.

    I too am feeling VERY touch deprived. Living alone in this time is difficult, but I prefer it in more normal times when I can be with people IF I CHOOSE. Often I don’t. I do quite well with shorter times alone. I am happy now that my daughter, who’s also a neighbor and well socially-distanced, will come and watch Outlander with me! That’s the only time I’m around a person.

    Sharon Near Seattle
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    Dr. Katie
    Nah, I'm good with the math. My logic DID fail me - I erroneously was thinking there would be 101 numbers; 50 pairs of 101 plus one leftover (50): 50 x 101 + 50. Instead, of course, there are an even number of numbers (1 through 100); 50 pairs of 101 = 50 x 101. No lonely number 50 in the middle. The 49th pair would be 49 + 52, and the 50th pair would be 50 +51. It was just a logic flaw.
    I just really badly wanted to put 49 and 51 neatly together at the end, leaving 50 standing, but that wasn't right. It was neat, but not right :) It was interesting to me to figure out where I went wrong - it was because my emotions got in the way when I was thinking about what happens at the end of the puzzle. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to put 49 and 51 together, so I did it. LOL!!!! :D:D:D An enlightening discovery.
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    View from my window FB page:



    Karen in Virginia. 2 down, 1 to go. Working 9-7 EST.
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    And one more spectacular shot from Nebraska Through the Lens FB group:

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    wizzywig wrote: »
    Machka you have a lot on your plate right now, do take time to rest when you can. Sorry that the specialists think that your hubby should never return to work, 30% injured sounds as if that was higher than you were expecting, even though you knew he would never fully recover. You are very resourceful and I'm sure you will do everything possible to make the situation as good as it can be. Sending hugs, take time to digest this new information.

    Love to all
    Viv UK <3

    It's actually good that the specialists think that my husband should never return to work ... a relief that they've stated it! I've known, pretty much since the accident, that his chances of returning to work were really, really low and hated how he was being pushed to do something he just couldn't do. It was stressing him out so much, which was having a detrimental effect on everything. His memory, his aphasia, his cognitive skills, his physical skills and his emotions all deteriorate when he's stressed ... which upsets and stresses me ...

    I thought he might be somewhere between 15 and 18% ... so 30% was a bit of a surprise. His cognitive skills have been significantly affected, not to mention his fatigue and issues with his limbs.

    Now we just need to get the insurance company to acknowledge it all, and that's not easy. I'm working on it. Maybe ... maybe not.

    Meanwhile, this shutdown has been wonderful! No one is bothering him, he's so much more relaxed and happy ... and slowly plugging away at different projects mainly in the garden.


    Machka in Oz