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    SuziQ113 wrote: »

    Heather – I agree. Advertisers need to use real people bodies. I am so sorry you’re still dealing with the glut issue.

    I hope everyone has had or is having a wonderful Sunday.
    SuziQ – SFL

    There is a large store here that uses such skinny, no shape models that the clothes actually look sloppy. I never buy them for that reason.

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    Today is my last vacation day and I am fighting the urge to check email. I keep telling myself it can wait until tomorrow. It is the organizer in me. I think I will do some meal prep and cooking for the week. That way meals will be organized, and I will not have to think about what I will eat during the week.

    SuziQ – SFL

    DON'T DO IT. Email can wait one more day.
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    The Ref with Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey, and Judy Davis --- Faetta's holiday movie recommendation

    I always watch the Ref to officially open my holiday season. It makes me laugh and brings an appreciation of how great my life really is. I would not recommend it for anyone that doesn't want to laugh or is offended by the F word. There is so much in this movie and it explores the psychology of relationships, children, families, law enforcement, communities, and the Christmas season. It is among my favorite all-time movies.

    Fae watching the Ref as she types

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    Lisa: Happy Thanksgiving weekend! :star:

    Allie: I am so happy you are still here with us!!! :flowerforyou:

    Heather: My mom used to “put on her face.” I was little, but I figured out her face was already there. She was lovely but never believed it despite the fact that I repeatedly told her she was prettier than any of the Aunties. :ohwell:

    Jacqui: Welcome to a great group! Best advice from my POV—let myfitness pal choose how many calories you can have per day. As you lose weight, you will be allowed fewer calories until you reach a healthy weight. Along the way you can earn more calories by exercising. Walking is an excellent exercise in my opinion, along with other things that have you moving more. If it is fun, you are more likely to do it. :wink:

    SuziQ: I hope your vacation has helped recharge your energy and good health. :flowerforyou:

    Annie: Sorry that you are worried about your mom. I hope all is well for you both. :star:

    Lanette: “Introverts, unite. Separately and in your own homes of course.” Well said! :laugh:

    We are at home on a foggy morning. It will be noon in less than a minute. It feels cozy & warm to be inside looking at the river and trees on the island across from us. They are mostly hidden in the fog.

    Have a great day.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Some of our Christmas movies were odd. The boys' favorite was "The BlackAdders Christmas Carol". A BBC classic with scrooge starting out nice and because he looks at his past he turns delightfully dreadful! My eldest first song he learned was BlackAdders theme music, so yes not your typical upbringing... LOL!

    We also did strange things like order Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner, or have pizza. Very non traditional. :-)
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    We also did strange things like order Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner, or have pizza. Very non traditional. :-)

    We always had home made taco salad for our Christmas Eve dinner at my Mom's. When she married her current husband, he tried to class it up with fresh fried taco shell bowls, fancy cheese, etc. We didn't eat any of his additions, we used plain old fritos and velveeta/rotel cheese dip. We were rebels :smile:

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Today ... Monday ...


    Machka in Oz
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    I am surprised there isn't a shortage on the good, thick healing lotions! I go through the stuff like crazy; especially this year with the extra hand washing, sanitizing, and cleaning.

    I've rarely found that lotion does anything for me. I buy it, use it for a while, lose interest because it hasn't really helped the way I think it should, and leave it on the shelf to go stale.

    I was using some on the back of my hands because I noticed they had started to look "old" with wrinkly skin. The lotion "helped" while it was on and fresh but as soon as I washed my hands, they were back to looking "old" with wrinkly skin.

    Then I made the discovery that if I was hydrated the skin on the back of my hands looked smooth. So now, any time the back of my hands start to look wrinkly, I drink a glass of water.

    That said, recently it seems that some lotions may be helping my cat scratches heal faster. For them, first I was my hands well, then I apply hand sanitiser or rubbing alcohol, and then the lotion. So it's hard to tell.

    What does lotion do?

    I should probably do a little bit of research. Could be that what I would like it to do and what it actually does, what it is actually meant for, are two different things! :)

    M in Oz

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    Stats for the day =

    Walk to market w/family- 34.27min, 2.0ap, 84ahr, 102mhr, 1.36mi= 162c
    Strava app = 166c
    Zwift bike trainer- 59.20min, 20.3amph, 305elev, 142ahr, 161mhr, 20.04mi= 606c
    Strava app = 467c

    Total cal 768
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    I am back from running errands. I went to two grocery stores, and the first one didn't have what I wanted, medium grain brown rice. The second store was closer to home and had exactly what I needed. WIN! :bigsmile:
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    Beth: Hope the second test is negative

    ☘️ Terri
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    I had to look up "caution" in British slang. The only slang meaning I knew of "caution" was in High School when boys would say among themselves a girl was a caution if they might get their hands slapped for attempting to touch forbidden places. I like the British meaning also.
    ‘You are a caution’ means you crack me up with your humour 😂
    I keep forgetting that our sayings ar different 😂
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    Fae: that last post was for you 😂
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    charsuzy wrote: »
    Hello all! :)
    exermom wrote: »
    Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day....

    Charsuzy- I love my rebounder but I don't have the stability bar on mine. I do have it on my bosu, tho

    @exermom thanks for sharing you have a bosu because I've never heard of that and like learning what others do to get exercise. I need new ideas. I'm wanting to keep it interesting at home and want to keep a "home gym" type thing all ready to go to motivate me to get exercise every day. Exercising every day is a totally new concept and I'm making that change.

    How do you like the bosu?


    Progress note for today:
    11/28 at 10:57PM
    8,685 steps
    3.73 miles
    435 calories burned
    Fasting from 9:30PM


    I have a home gym in our "basement" (basement in quotes because houses in Tasmania tend to have garages under the house. We've converted the garage to a basement)

    We've got:
    - a pair of bicycles on trainers connected to Zwift set up and ready to ride.
    - a rowing machine
    - a treadmill
    - a small weight bench with weights
    - and upstairs I've got a few small weights and various bands.

    But all of that is for winter or bad weather days. Mostly we exercise outside. I walk as a method of transportation and recreation. I run, although I need to build up to this again. We also cycle. And I'm hoping to set something up so I can do some weights and band work in our patio outside over the summer.

    At work, I climb stairs because I work in a 10-storey building. So I'll take a quick break and go climbing now and then.

    In the past, I've joined yoga and spinning classes. They can be good for motivation.

    We also throw a few extras into the mix now and then ... hiking, swimming, canoeing (which we're hoping to do this summer), snow shoeing, cross country skiing (not here, but I did in Canada), etc.

    It can be helpful to have a goal.

    I'm on Strava and lately they've had smaller challenges. Pre-2020 they had quite big challenges - cycling and running long distances. But this year, they've decided to play the role of motivator. So one of the challenges they've had is to walk 50 km in the month, and I've done that the last 2 months. It does get me out there. When I think I won't walk one day, I remember the challenge and decide to go. :)

    Machka in Oz