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  • Katla49
    Katla49 Posts: 8,927 Member
    edited December 2020
    Faetta: Your tree is wonderful! What species is it? Jack Frost visited our lawn last night, too. He is still here for the time being. Your fence lights are like ours. :star:

    Machka: Our outdoor lights are on timers. They are currently turned off. It is 7:30 AM here. :smiley: When I was a child we had presents at home on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day we travelled to see various Aunties and Uncles. We had a Christmas Day dinner that rotated between Aunties & Uncles on either side of the family. New Years Day we had another dinner with different sides of the family. The uncles snored their way through a football game and the kids played upstairs in our cousin’s bedrooms-one for boys, the other for girls. I have lots of good memories from back then. :smiley:

    Michele: I read the same information about vaccine distribution. We will wait our turn and get our vaccinations as soon as we can. I hope that DH will be on the early side. He has a number of serious health issues. Our doctor will decide if he goes early for his vaccination. :flowerforyou:

    Lisa: Mannheim Steam Roller is a favorite in our house, too. We have it on vinyl, and we have a very good turn table that we bought in the early 1970’s. :bigsmile:

    Rebecca: I like cranberry jelly, too. YUM! :star:

    (((Allie))): Your surgery was a difficult procedure and they want you to heal well before you take on too many new challenges. :heart:

    Karen: Thank you so much for posting Gloria’s photo. She was a valiant woman. :heart:

    Barbara: Throwing out gift food you don’t enjoy is our secret. Say thank you and don’t tell the gift giver what happened to it. :wink:

    Machka: Thank you for sharing the post from Gloria. :heart: :broken_heart::heart:

    Lanette: Here’s hoping we don’t have a cloud cover when the planets align. I have had the good fortune of seeing Mars several times this year. :star::star::star: Our dog had good pain relief from CBD oil. He had his surgery to remove a cancerous lesion and there is no pain any more. :heart:

    Annie: In difficult times many people hoard food. I know from experience. We have two freezers that are full. DH put himself through college as a meat cutter. He loves to shop for meat. He hasn’t been going shopping with me recently because of covid worries. :ohwell:

    Heather: Your grandson, Max, surely takes after his daddy. The photos of your grandchildren are a wonderful gift. :bigsmile:

    We had a light frost this morning and the sun is now shining brightly and casting shadows here and there. I’m happy that we got the lights set up last night. I prefer DH doesn’t go out in slippery frost.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • Faetta
    Faetta Posts: 1,059 Member
    Katla They are both Alberta spruce. They both got diseased and attacked by insects and the Arborist attempts at pruning to remove damage left them brown. I finally had to remove them. I planted the little one as a baby and watched it grow over many years. It was hard to remove it. Beautiful trees but the dry summer heat here is hard on them.
  • Faetta
    Faetta Posts: 1,059 Member
    Cloudy, light wind, frosty, and 30 degrees F, but I must get my warm comfortable self out of this chair and walk. I did my morning patio Fae She discipline at 3:05 AM (3-minute winter version) in legging and sports bralette at 25 degrees and by the last move, my bare feet were ice cold. Briefly wished I had a DH still in bed so I could go back to bed and warm up my cold feet on his thighs. The rest of the workout was indoors at a balmy 68 degrees.

  • cityjaneLondon
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    Tonight I attempted a homemade pizza. I tried to replicate the white pizza I enjoy at Fatto a Mano, but with wholemeal dough. The first bite wasn't a thrill, but we soon got used to the idea that it wasn't what we expected (more like a wholemeal flatbread) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I declare it a qualified success. :D Next time I will vary the topping, but the broccoli and sausage was a hit.
    Poor DH is doing the washing up. :o Flour everywhere.

    I haven't managed to lose any weight recently, but I have stayed the same. Hmm mm........... Eat less? :s

    Liver alcohol results all very good. My raised serum ferritin is a mystery. They will retest in 6 months, or so.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • cityjaneLondon
    cityjaneLondon Posts: 9,454 Member
    With reference to my previous posts, I am well aware that this is the key to happiness. I often look for happiness quotes on Google. :D



    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
  • Peach1948
    Peach1948 Posts: 2,457 Member
    I'm sure you have a very logical reason, but, why in the world do you go outside half clad to do your exercises in that kind of weather?

    Carol in GA
  • Peach1948
    Peach1948 Posts: 2,457 Member
    I'm glad you had good results on your liver test. I am going to a gastro doc on the 17th for the same reason. Just praying I will be OK.

    Carol in GA
  • Whidislander
    Whidislander Posts: 1,483 Member
    I read through last night but didn’t have the energy to take notes.

    Lisa - Here they won’t even test for 90 days after a positive. It is causing some issues here for workers whose employers don’t understand it all and are demanding a negative test to allow them back to work.

    My youngest daughter gets very upset if anyone else cuts the canned cranberry jelly. According to her it was the first task I ever gave her in helping with Christmas dinner and she takes great pride in doing it.

    I love Christmas every single part of it. Growing up my Mom didn’t do too much, we went into the woods and cut a tree with Dad the Sunday before Christmas. The baking and stuff was all at my Grandmother’s houses.
    I don’t bake much, just a couple things and pies. I love decorating and buying gifts and don’t find it stressful at all. What I do find stressful is work at Christmas. My 20+ years in the security business it was always stressful because so many clients wanted so much extra coverage at a time when all staff wanted to stay home. Here at the manor last year was stressful trying to get work done with all of the extra activities and such that we did for the residents.
    This year is just stressful, on so many levels.

    Margaret - your lights are beautiful.

    Rebecca - I love, love, love your jewelry tree. Can I ask how the jewelry is attached? I have jewelry that was my grandmothers and velvet to do something like that for my girls and I.

    Allie - hope you start feeling better soon.

    Work stuff
    Today was a tough one. Our educator and person taking the lead on interpreting the ministerial orders, making sure we pass all the audits, etc was in the midst of our 4th audit since we’ve been on Outbreak. When she came out of the boardroom, I stopped her to tell her I had ordered lunch for her. She broke down crying. I teared up with sympathy tears. Later my boss had tears in her voice when she told me how many residents we have positive now. It was a tough day.

    We are short staffed and these government agencies seem to have more than enough staff to come and tell us what we’re doing right or wrong, but can’t offer help with caring for residents when we need it. So far we have passed all audits with flying colours, if they would leave us alone we could spend more time with the residents though. Very frustrating!

    My husband has been busy making Christmas presents for the Grands.
    This is a headboard for our 9 year old Grandson, it will have LED lights in the back that will glow through the windows and dragon’s eyes. The posts will be stained mahogany. He is getting an iPod shuffle for Christmas and he’ll be able to have his lights dance to the music.
    We’ll be buying him a comforter to go with this.

    The jewelry box for our granddaughter is still being finished. I’ll post pictures later. I only pray we’ll get to see them open their gifts.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    We just glued with regular elmers, and over the years I have stabilized with a hot glue gun in certain places. These are items never to be worn again. So some are trinkets I used to wear, and stuff from my mom after she passed, including a shell, and a huge pearl.
    <3 Rebecca
  • pipcd34
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  • LisaInAR
    LisaInAR Posts: 2,021 Member
    I keep forgetting to mention, but the last round of adjustments to the heart medications has me where I'm supposed to be on blood pressure and pulse. I'm feeling quite a bit better - however, I started the antibiotics round on Tuesday to (hopefully) finish what was started with getting my gut working correctly, and those are making me feel like caca. Only six more days and they're done (fingers crossed). Will only take them in January again if this lot doesn't do the trick.

    Allie - just still keeping you in my heart, my dear. Check back in when you can, we worry!

    Headed for the elliptical, then the shower before the man comes home... still going slow, but at least I'm going.

    Later y'all,
  • Peach1948
    Peach1948 Posts: 2,457 Member
    That does sound logical and thank you so much for explaining! :) At my old age, I just don't think I could take the cold even with a heavy coat, gloves, and a hat.

    Carol in GA
  • drkatiebug
    drkatiebug Posts: 1,739 Member
    WThyme wrote: »
    Peach1948 wrote: »
    Welcome! I am also a Georgia girl. Grew up near Macon and have lived in Marietta for the last 50 yrs.


    Small world. :o I live in Marietta. (Northeast Cobb area) I've lived in the area for about 30 years.

    Welcome! I live about 60 miles northeast of Atlanta (off I-85). My daughter and her family are in Mableton.
  • charsuzy
    charsuzy Posts: 231 Member
    It's my day off - I'm enjoying catching up here (and on social media). I ate breakfast, but have things to do. I better get moving!
    Have a great day ladies!
  • Peach1948
    Peach1948 Posts: 2,457 Member
    Prayer does work! <3

    That looks like a lot of bandages and I sure can see why it would be uncomfortable. Best wishes for a complete healing and return to good use with your finger.

    Carol in GA