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    Dr. Oz (I know people think he's a quack) was talking about those monoclonal antibodies the other day and he said everyone should try to get them if they have Covid, especially if they meet the qualifications.
    I read they are best used for mild COVID cases?

    Are doctors prescribing any treatments for mild cases now? Months back when I had it, I was just told to stay home and isolate, no additional advice given.
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    What do you all think of this? Everyone was talking about it at work today...... not sure if she is a "quack" or not, but shows why so many people are afraid of the vaccine. Wondering what you guys think of this.

    This MD says the mRNA is not destroyed and never stops making S- protein fragments (no off button) and the antibodies formed destroy type 1 macrophages and destroy lung tissue.
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    So, my state and county keeps opening up age groups (70 and above now) and new occupations, while medical high risk groups keep getting pushed back. Since I have diabetes and lupus I am not delighted to keep getting pushed back down the line. Then it occurred to me: this is happening because the state has no idea how they are going to identify individuals at high risk. There is no “hi, I’m a diabetic” club card, and with people cheating and bribing to jump the line, it would be super easy to forge a doctor’s note, or even pay your doctor to write one. While it’s easy to identify a teacher or a fireman, they have work ID cards, and age is even easier, it’s on your driver’s license.

    I’ve seen the 75 page long state plan for vaccination and there’s a section supposedly devoted to how they are going to identify at risk people, and it’s one sentence saying they are going to use some database I never heard of, which I’m pretty sure I am not in.

    No proof, just a wild theory, but I am guessing there is no plan, so they keep postponing it. They have already changed “diabetic” to “diabetic requiring medication,” which makes sense if they are going to demand proof of a prescription.

    Two of my staffers who are immune-compromised have had doctors (different ones) get them their appointments. Could your doctor help you get an appointment?