March 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Welcome and good luck this weekend @MissAtomicBomb238! We will need a full race report too!
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    @Tramboman Sounds like today was a failure in the "put the fun back in the run" goal. :lol: You did great to get it done!

    @Teresa502 Glad you beat the rain. I just opted for the treadmill this afternoon since storms were forecast and it had been raining on and off all day. Mom started feeling better last night, and is back to her old self today. She said she's been eating like a horse today. We do think it was just too much grease for dinner, which she probably ate quickly because we were going to mow her lawn, when she hasn't had much in a while.

    @MissAtomicBomb238 Welcome. You have some impressive times in previous HMs. Hope we can help you un-meh. Good luck on your Half this weekend.

    Welcome @WhatMeRunning ! I run/walk most of the time too. Just take it easy in the beginning and don't try to increase your mileage too quickly. That's a sure way to get injured. Have you looked into the Couch to 5K (C25K) plans? Those seem to work for a lot of people. I had to repeat some weeks, but that's ok. I'm just coming back from open heart surgery to correct an aortic aneurysm, so am still in recovery mode.

    @rheddmobile , @skippygirlsmom , and anyone else where the severe weather has been happening, I hope you and yours are safe!

    @Avidkeo So glad you are loving your new watch and love seeing you so excited about your progress. You are doing great!
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    3/01 - 2.75 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk
    3/02 - 2.00 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk
    3/03 - 2.00 miles - 3.5 mph - Driveway laps
    3/04 - 2.70 miles - 4.5 mph - First run/walk after surgery on the rural road near home
    3/05 - 2.00 miles - 3.6 mph - Field walk
    3/06 - 3.00 miles - 4.6 mph - Walk/run on rural road
    3/07 - 2.00 miles - 3.7 mph - Field and driveway walk
    3/08 - 2.25 miles - 4.0 mph - Walk/run on the driveway
    3/09 - 2.50 miles - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk - ladder
    3/10 - 3.50 miles - 4.5 mph - Walk/run on rural road
    3/11 - 2.00 miles - 3.8 mph - Field and driveway walk
    3/12 - 2.30 miles - 4.5 mph - Treadmill walk/run
    3/13 - 1.00 mile - 3.6 mph - Field walk
    3/14 - 2.30 miles - 4.6 mph - Driveway laps & 0.50 walk warm up and cool down on the driveway
    3/15 - 2.00 miles - 3.8 mph - Field and driveway walk
    3/16 - 3.00 miles - 4.6 mph - Treadmill & 0.50 walk for warm up and cool down
    3/17 - 1.00 mile - 3.6 mph - Treadmill walk - helped mow mom's lawn this afternoon
    3/18 - 3.00 miles - 4.5 mph - Treadmill & 0.5 walk for warm up and cool down

    March total: 42.80/62 miles

    It has been raining on and off all day today, with storms in the forecast, so I opted for a treadmill session again today. I was tired already, so was looking for an "easy" day. I did the running miles each at different speeds. The first one was a ladder from 4.5-5.0mph followed by a 3.8 mph walk, then came down the same ladder. The second I did a ladder from 4.5-4.7-4.5 and then a 3.8 mph walk, repeat. I did each rung for only one minute. The third mile I did at 4.5/3.8 mph for 4/1 minutes each. When figuring the stats on the runs, I was surprised that the 2nd and 3rd miles each came out at 4.4 mph. How can that be? I know it's due to rounding, but makes no logical sense to me that they can be that close when so much more of the time for mile 2 was above 4.5 mph. I must have spent an hour trying to figure out what I had done wrong. It's possible that I wrote one of the times down wrong. I made my brain hurt, so I quit and just went with it. LOL The total was 3.0 miles in 40:15 minutes for a 4.5 mph pace.
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    @quilteryoyo - That's an impressive comeback you are performing! Nice ladders on the treadmill today. I wish I had a suggestion on the average pace enigma. I was split between C25K or referencing my old training data, including one comeback from a 6 month downtime after a broken foot in 2016-2017. In the end I charged up my old Forerunner 635, swapped out the old battery in the HRM and plan on data gathering over the next couple weeks as I start off really easy. I just love tinkering and formulating, so I can't help but do it this way.
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    @WhatMeRunning That sounds like a very sound approach. How much did you run before? How long has it been since you have consistently ran?
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    @WhatMeRunning I must be having deja vu as well because when I saw your username, I was sure you were one of our former group members coming back...
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    I haven’t run in a few days, but I’ve done body pump, a pop up kickboxing class, and some walking, so I haven’t been lazy either.

    For all of you with injuries or not feeling well, I hope you all recover quickly soon.

    Welcome to our newbies!

    I’ll post more this weekend when I have more time.
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    @katharmonic Great to hear your back is doing so much better! Fingers crossed the PT gives you good news today.

    @rheddmobile I think big swings in temperatures affect me. You did great to get the hard run completed. Love all the animals you see.

    @kgirlhart Good for you to get out when you really aren't feeling it. You're doing great. Glad you didn't have anything other than a sore arm from the shot too.

    @marisap2010 Great job on keeping active!
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    After noticing he wasn't contributing and wondering (but not ready to ask), I learned about @MobyCarp last night while syncing things up with my old Strava account and seeing the link to the story. I had to read the July 2019 thread and it brought so many emotions reading his last posts where he wasn't feeling well ahead of his event, contrasted with how he passed on doing what he was so passionate about. He was an irreplacable resource for this community. Thank you Kevin for all of the help, I never would have learned how to train smarter without your advice.

    @quilteryoyo - I stopped long distance running in July 2017 but continued doing sprint interval and mile runs (and a few 5k's) for most of the rest of 2017. So, it's been a minute. :wink: Prior to that I was averaging around 40 miles/week and running half marathon distances as my regular long run (I ran 6 HM events spring 2017). In 2015 I ran 3 full marathons in 29 days, but those are also the only 3 marathons I have run. I don't know why I bring that up because to be fair, it was foolish. But I did it without injury so I managed to train and execute to the degree necessary to get away with it. :grimace:

    @katharmonic - Good luck with the PT!

    @rheddmobile - Sounds like a great sight-seeing run, despite the perceived grind of it. :smile:

    @kgirlhart - Way to overcome the winter and DST blues!

    @polskagirl01 - Yeah, since you mentioned that, I updated my avatar with a t-shirt I was so proud to show off back in the day. :smile: (assuming it has actually updated for everyone). I still have that shirt, but it doesn't fit at the moment. :blush:

    @pfeiferlindsey - I can't wait to read the race report. :smile:

    @tramboman - I laughed at your description of the wind on your run. :lol:

    At least one of us laughed...