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    Well there is evidence that ventilators were overused at the start of the pandemic, giving them bad press.
    Subsequently they rediscovered simply moving patients to the PRONE position achieved very good results, as a precursor to intubation.
  • SModa61SModa61 Member Posts: 1,845 Member Member Posts: 1,845 Member
    hipari wrote: »
    Here in Finland the discussion around both infection surges and rule-breakers has been very much about young people in the media. There’s currently a big surge that’s being traced to a student dorm with shared kitchens - obviously the virus will spread there if people are confined in and can’t leave, they still have to use the shared kitchens to prepare the food they eat. Students are still called reckless because they, well, eat while quarantining. Bars were closed a couple months ago again, and it was largely blamed in the media on ”reckless 20-somethings who force us to not have nice things”. Even in the USA-centric media the discussion has lately been dominated by spring breakers. Then again, when other age groups do something irresponsible, they are allowed. Last week there was a large anti-restriction protest here (mostly middle-aged people who identify with the political right, to say nicely) that broke several laws and restrictions about how many people can gather, wearing masks etc., and the protest was allowed to go on without police interference. About two years ago there was a large climate protest (mostly young people) that broke zero laws or restrictions, but was broken up by police and some of the protestors were injured due to violence.

    I do think some (not all) are definitely suffering because of the restrictions. For many young people, their most important social circles are outside the home. Young people also don’t typically have ”family rooms”, at least not here. Instead, many live alone in tiny apartments, trying to make it through the day/month/year without social interactions or money (since their jobs are typically in the service industry) while the media calls them reckless and stupid because the ones that do -unjustly- take matters into their own hands ruin it for everyone.

    Humans are social animals, socializing with others tends to be important to us. Mental health is important too and suffering isn’t limited to physical pain. My own alma mater completed their study in December and up to 60% of all students are experiencing burnout symptoms. The university has about 35 000 students, 60% of that is 21 000. That’s a big number of students with mental health issues for just one university, and burnout symptoms tend to linger and cause problems later in life.

    I’m absolutely not saying that students and 20-somethings are somehow special snowflakes. I’m saying they’re treated unfairly in the media and their circumstances and suffering are not taken seriously, at least compared to many other demographic groups.

    Interesting about your thought that the young are being blamed. I am currently in a Florida home (since mid-feb) and was reading something about the Florida surges yesterday due to spring breakers. What I found odd is that the article noted that the spring breakers were “Causing a surge in 24-49 years olds”. Huh? I don’t know many 24-49 year old partying college kids!
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    ahoy_m8 wrote: »
    I think that is the most helpful thing any of us can do. When you get a chance, take the vaccine. Don't second-guess the people orchestrating the distribution. When they say it is your time, whether or not you think others are more deserving, just do what they say as expeditiously as practical. Most of us are not privy to the micro-shifts in supply and demand so we should just cooperate -promptly- with the decision makers who are.

    Oh, I plan to as soon as I can physically get an appointment. Even if I have to drive an hour to get it. I just don't expect to be able to do so for a while after the 31st unless I get stupid lucky. I don't have a lot of confidence in the state to do this well and to be prepared for everyone trying to get appointments.

    I mean, the state is moving their mask mandate back to a mask advisory on the 6th. So WAY before we can get most people vaccinated. Which is a stupid as heck move. Masks will still be required in schools and on state property and counties and cities can still have their own mandates. Also businesses can still require them. I just think it is way too soon. I also think that doing it right after the Easter holiday, after people most likely have gathered with family and friends, is just going to result in a new spike. I, of course, will keep wearing a mask until fully vaccinated and science says it is okay. This decision is 100% political because our legislation is working on a bill to limit the governor's powers during an emergency (also stupid as heck).
  • missysippy930missysippy930 Member Posts: 2,496 Member Member Posts: 2,496 Member
    There are people vacationing/spring breaking, besides college age. A 9 year old Minnesota boy was attacked in 2 feet of water, by a shark, the other day, while on vacation with his family, near Miami.

    I haven’t noticed any particular signaling out of young people only. It’s pretty much just people vacationing and guidelines by health care professionals, not recommending this behavior due to covid. The college age group are a big group though, and congregating in big groups. This behavior is nothing that some haven’t been doing, pretty much since last summer, when restrictions were eased after the shut down. Coming up, Easter. More of the same?
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