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What worked for you today?



  • mssue18mssue18 Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    What worked for me today was eating my own food instead of a friend’s gift of food.
  • tdsimoes67tdsimoes67 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Keeping an eye on how much salt I put into my food, since I find that salt makes me retain weight.... on the other hand, do need salt as I tend to have lower BP.... exercise in balancing it out....
  • DoezerXDoezerX Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Most of the time, the one thing that works for me is getting profoundly into some work of some sort. I'll just eat the minimum in these moments
  • wunderkindkingwunderkindking Member Posts: 1,328 Member Member Posts: 1,328 Member
    jonni82014 wrote: »
    Increased lemon water intake the day before, the scale moved today.

    Yeah, lots of water does that.

    Lemon isn't relevant.
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