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    Also here downtown is FAR from fully open. I've heard from coworkers that traffic from the northern and western burbs is bad, but LSD is still far from normal rush hour traffic and has way worse traffic heading south from downtown in the evenings, which is weird. Traffic on some other internal streets is and has been as bad as ever, but not from my northside neighborhood to the Loop at all. The actual Loop is more populated than at some points, but still nothing near normal and a huge number of normal lunch places are closed.

    I'm planning to start experimenting with the L again now that I'm fully vaxxed + 2 weeks, but it's hard to do when the L will take twice as long as driving (pre covid driving would take as long or longer in the morning).
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  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Member Posts: 7,609 Member Member Posts: 7,609 Member
    Where I live, although plenty are reasonably not wearing masks outdoors (and they are still required indoors), and I live in a neighborhood where I assume most are vaccinated, I think there's more potential issue with people scared to resume normal life because of any risk at all, even risk similar to what we always faced. But that's just what I'm seeing.
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    I'll give a report on Italy. We're moving along with vaccinations. Doing 65+ now and I'm in that group, so last day of May is my appointment for 1st dose--Pfizer. Husband lucked out and is all done (slipped into a cancellation slot).

    Our problem is: vaccines ordered are not arriving as promised. AZ is especially the culprit, and the UE is cancelling future contracts with them. Pfizer arrivals are slow too and it was announced that instead of receiving the 2nd dose 2 weeks after it will be extended to 40 days. Sigh, that'll effect me. Better half than nothing.

    COVID is slowing here. As the days get longer there are fewer infections and rules are being loosened. For now bars and restaurants have to have tables outside and everything must close at 9:30pm and everyone must go home. Soon this will be moved to 11:00pm, and people will be seated inside again. Masks and distancing are still required. Schools are open, as are museums. Soon theaters, cinemas, gyms, and pools etc. will open with caution. We now have a 3.5% transmission rate. Deaths are way down. So, things are looking up.

    I've kept up with my exercising since October--stretching and yoga at home, and powerwalking, running for 45 min every morning around the park. I think we've missed 5 days, for rain, in 7 and a half months. However, I miss the pool. I can't wait until it opens, and I can get back in the gym for some strength training.

    I just got a message from the health dept. My 1st dose of Pfizer is confirmed for May 29th. The 2nd dose has been pushed back to July 3rd. I was expecting it, but I'm just so disappointed now that it's happened. I'd like to tell them to shove it.

    Our second shot was extended to 16 weeks. I got my first March 3 and my second was booked for April 8 - then they emailed me to say it was pushed back to June 28.
    I was a bit pissed at first, but after looking into it I am now 100% on board with getting everyone their first shot more quickly by extending the second dose. I wouldn't want to get my second shot while other at risk people were still waiting for their first.
    I am surprised though that you are only getting yours now. I thought Ontario was bad with the rollout, but we are down to the 30+ age group next week here and everyone 18+ is supposed to be eligible by the end of May (but I guess that is an effect of giving only the first dose).
    Our third wave surge seems to have peaked so hopefully now that about 50% of our population has their first dose the worst is behind us.

    "Eligible" and "vaccine appointment availability" are two very different things, however. We've been going in two week spurts here because supply has been so limited, although supposedly that will improve in June. And I'm hoping they're right because in July the second shots will be due for the March patients.

    When I checked the city health department’s site yesterday, it said you can book your appointment either online or by calling a service phone to leave your number and they will call you back. They made it very clear to only call once even if you don’t hear from them soon, as they will only call people back when they have appointments available, and that can take more than a week after a person has called them. 2nd shots are extended to 8ish weeks, I think.

    A friend recently found out that whenever new age groups are opened, they open online booking at midnight. I don’t know if that’s the case elsewhere, but at least here it’s definitely worth it to stay awake until midnight the night before, so you can book it as soon as the clock hits midnight and the opening date rolls in. A friend group with eligible people talked about it this week, and the difference between booking at midnight and in the morning was that the midnight bookers got appointments booked about a week earlier.

    Yeah we did that here for my daughter. She got a shot booked on the main provincial site but it was a bit of a drive and two weeks away. We have “pop up” clinics that are local and only book a week in advance - so I logged on right before midnight and right at 12 a whole day of open slots opened up 5 minutes from our house 7 days away so I booked that and cancelled the other one. She went on her lunch break and was there and back without having to miss any work.
    That’s why I am so confused about people posting that they can only get Pfizer in limited places in Australia (and maybe other countries). Here they are giving it everywhere - pharmacies, pop up clinics, hockey rinks, community centres, workplaces. There must be a way to transport it because we are doing it here.

    The real question is why enough doses aren't arriving in Europe---they were ordered.

    Yeah I am shocked about that. We had a super slow roll out compared to the US and we seem to have loads of vaccine now. Did Europe maybe order Astra Zeneca first and then decide to switch to Pfizer after the side effects or something? I think Canada went all in on all the vaccines from the beginning to hedge our bets, but Pfizer is the one we have the most of and has the most regular deliveries coming in right now. I think it is also the one we will be sticking with going forward, from my understanding we have already secured booster doses for the next few years in case we need them.

    Nope, EU went all in on all vaccines and has ordered
    - 600 million doses of Pfizer
    - 460 million doses of Moderna
    - 400 million doses of Astra Zeneca
    - 400 million doses of Johnson & Johnson
    - 800 million doses of vaccines that are still in development / aren’t approved yet

    Total population of EU is about 445 million people, including children who aren’t eligible. That’s about 6 doses per citizen even if you count every single person regardless of whether they’re actually eligible.

    From what I understand, the biggest delivery issues were/are because some biological instabilities in vaccine production, as well as export bans that prevent vaccine and equipment manufacturers from shipping deliveries out of their own countries.

    I honestly don't understand it then. We have no domestic production at all, and were late getting vaccines, and Ontario (my province) has 50% of adults vaccinated with first dose. Not sure why Europe is behind except maybe because we only have 37 million people here in Canada so the amount we need is just a drop in the bucket comparatively?
    I mean I heard a doctor from our vaccine advisory committee on the radio last week saying there is no need to take the minute risk of Astra Zeneca because we are "swimming" in mRNA vaccines. So idk.
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    @baconslave Yeah I see a lot of pundits on social media say "if you trust the science and you're vaccinated you should stop wearing a mask". And that's such an oversimplified translation of what the CDC is saying. It's true in a vacuum. And it might only be true temporarily. There are still a lot of people in situations like yours, or with medical conditions that may affect their reaction to the vaxx, or in areas that are just now getting access. But I'd bet most of the restrictions in the US will be lifted within the next week or two. The gov of VA ended mask mandates as of midnight last night and said capacity restrictions will end May 28. Last I looked, VA was just approaching 50% vaccinated.
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