June 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



  • LazyBlondeChef
    LazyBlondeChef Posts: 1,838 Member
    December starting weight: 132.9
    January starting weight: 129.8
    February starting weight: 126.3
    March starting weight: 122.8
    April starting weight: 121.7
    May starting weight: 118.9
    June starting weight: 121.5
    June goal: < 120.0

    I started a recomp on Sunday so in spite of the frustration it will bring I decided I needed to do daily weighing again to better monitor myself as my calories will be less on my two rest days each week than the other days. Between a vacation and the holiday weekend May was not a good month. It's the first time I've had a net gain for a month since I started my weight loss efforts back at the beginning of October.

    My only goal for weight is to get under 120 and stay there. I'm not otherwise actively trying to lose for now though I'll reevaluate at some point.

    01 - 121.5

  • syreina
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    I did reach my previous UGW of 110 lbs in August 2020 but gained weight every month since and I felt 110 lbs was too low.

    I've found my new UGW (maintenance) aim of 115 to 122 lbs. I'm using Fitbod app in hopes of slowly gaining muscle as I reach for my new maintenance goal.

    Original starting weight - 147.4 lbs - Nov 2017
    January 2021 starting weight: 123.6
    February starting weight: 124.4
    March starting weight: 128.8 lbs
    April starting weight: 128.4 lbs
    May starting weight: 125.6
    June starting weight - 125.2
    June goal - 122.2

    Ultimate goal - 115 to 122
    Height - 5 ft
    Age Range: 30s

    Week 1:
    6/1 - 123.8 ... great start, all of the sodium gain disappeared.

    Total loss for May: TBD

    Workout Log with Fitbod app: TBD