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    Machka- no not at all.. i told her i was having pain but she said just take tylenol or if worse tramadol..will have to find out,I know the did a Ct Scan and Ultrasound down at Yale when I was going through all the testing for the heart kidney transplant..she has access to that through the electronic charting.
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    Blood donation went swimmingly yesterday. He did exactly like I told him. No bruise this am. Got flowers for my birthday from husband after he got done with gym. We are going out to lunch later on.

    Got a great tee shirt yesterday. Its Army theme with "my blood donation is mission critical, make it your mission to help save lives". Its one of those tee shirts that feels like its already been washed a couple times and is comfortable already. I'm wearing it today.

    My eldest sister woke me up singing happy birthday in the phone.💖. I guess she's thinking it might just be a immediate family reunion this August, not the 40- people she invited. Only my middle sister Cindy, I, and her daughter have confirmed going anyways. She's thinking more of doing the large reunion next year. I told her that sounds like a good idea. This August can just be the Curtis 3 sisters families. Of course she said if my middle sisters girls and eldest girls kids come they have to wear masks. My middle sister got vaccinated but her girls haven't, nor her kids. If its just us sisters, and we have been vaccinated then we should be fine. Last thing I want to do is bring something back to Lee though. I will probably wear a mask regardless.

    Have a great day ladies!
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    Happy birthday Rebecca!

    I had a big day yesterday with my new Writing Critique Group. That along with my Bhuddist group made four hours of Zoom. But it was all good. I didn't submit anything, so I just listened to the critiques. The writing was high quality, which is a little intimidating.

    So I was up late last night, and I'm having a lazy day today. Texted my sister who is not coming until July. Ate chocolate, but within my calories. I ought to eat more salad and less chocolate.

    I plan to do my dumbbells at four, and maybe some walking later on.

    Have a wonderful day, ladies!

    Annie in Delaware
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    DD’s flight is getting ready to take off, an hour late. I hope the rest of the flight goes smoothly and safely.
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    Happy birthday, Rebecca!
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    Happy birthday Rebecca- hope you continue to have a wonderful day
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    Happy Birthday Rebecca! Enjoy your day.

    Welcome back Viv.

    Lisa - Sounds like you will be busy with your writing and baking.

    Went to the YM this morning and did my water exercise. It is so nice to be back in the water again. We have lots of blueberries on our bushes this year. We have a fence around them so the deer can't get to them but need to put netting over the top to keep the birds out. I have seen the robins and crows eyeing them already.

    Everyone take care Sue in WA
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    Happy Birthday Rebecca many happy returns of the day !! Off to the cardiologist tomorrow..
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 36min 41sex, 3.35ap, 81ahr, 92mhr, 44elev, 5.42mi= 480c
    Strava app = 656c
    Zwift home spin bike- 31.17min, 175elev, 141aw, 19-35lvl, 140ahr, 160mhr, 10.6mi= 342c
    Zwift app- 254c
    Other- floor exer, 28.70min, 4sets 15ea of 6 differ exer= 167c
    Walk 2 store 2 hm- 17.31min, .85mi= 90c
    Strava app = 103c

    Total cal 1132
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    edited June 2021
    The trip through Portland to take DD to the airport was not difficult. I had no trouble finding my way home. DD had to wait in the airport and then on the plane. She is now on her way back to IL. YAY!!! :star:

    Heather: Loud music in a restaurant is not pleasing. I enjoy music, including piano, classical and Jazz. I also like old time rock and roll, and the Grateful Dead in the right situations. Elevator music—no thank you. Too loud in a restaurant, strike one. If it happens again it may not get past strike two. :star:

    Lisa: Leroy is full of personality! I like it!!! :heart:

    Allie: I am sorry you are having pain. Tylnol is the goto pain reliever for both DH and me. I am willing to take vitamins and medicine, but I don’t want anything liquid. Yuk. :noway:

    Dgarlick: Thanks for the balloons. They are very happy and put a smile on my face. :smilie:

    Rebecca: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!: (You sweet young thing!) :wink:

    I am safely at home and happy after the trip to the airport. DD plans to visit us more often and that is a huge gift. :heart: :bigsmile: :heart:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    I've booked the Persian restaurant for Thursday night. My thinking was, that we might have to spend the afternoon indoors, because of the weather, but it may clear for a while so we can get outside and stretch our legs. I thought going out to eat would give us a change of scene. If it's pouring in the evening we can get a taxi. Otherwise we can walk there. 25 mins.

    Tomorrow we are going to have as our cleaning afternoon, so that the house looks OK for the visit. I will do their room, beds and bathroom and DH will do the downstairs. The middle floor will have to wait. It's going to be very hot and humid tomorrow with thunderstorms coming over from Spain later, so we will not work for more than an hour.
    Then I have my Zoom with my girlfriends.
    Fortunately, my brother and DSIL are not people who notice dirt. :o DH swept and tidied up the front garden this morning.
    It will just be nice to see them after at least 18 months.

    Had Hairy Bikers Lamb Tagine tonight from the Hairy Dieters book. DH said it was a bit too spicy for him! I put the minutest bit of chilli in it. Wimp! :D:p

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Happy Birthday to Rebecca!
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    Happy birthday Rebecca
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    Katla ~ The last time I went to the air port in Atlanta was when we had to pick up my son and his new wife from their honeymoon 14 yrs ago. If I had to go there today, I would absolutely get lost.

    Carol in GA
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    Carol: Several years ago we were in the Atlanta airport on our way to see our son and DDL. We made it through but it was stressful for people like us who don't travel often.
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    Happy Birthday Rebecca!!!

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