July 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Cool shoes @skippygirlsmom! Which Brooks model are they? You know I'm a sucker for Brooks shoes!
    I looked them up because they are so pretty and I'm also a Brooks fan. Unfortunately they don't come in wide size which I need but they are the Launch model.
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    @Scott6255 they are the Launch 8 as @Teresa502 said, I actually have a wide foot and I don't have a problem with them. As a matter of fact Skip used some fancy thing to measure my feet at Fleet Feet and she said you need a size wide.
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    Welcome @shayann117 , @granitepeak45 , @ElfBodGoals and @ndsgettingfit !

    @AlphaHowls I hope getting the tooth implant doesn't impact your running too much. Loosing your amazing streak would be awful. But, if you need to, don't push it. Your health is more important than a streak. Thanks for the shoe info too. I'm really surprised they are lasting that long! What do the sole of the ones you are currently wearing look like?

    So sorry about your sister @katharmonic . Running for her is a great way to honor her and keep her memory close.

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    Nice run @Scott6255 ! The heat does make it harder.

    @WhatMeRunning Nice run. I almost always look like I've been running in the rain from sweat. Splashing through the water sounds like fun, but I'm not sure I would want to do that on my run.

    @pfeiferlindsey Glad your toe is better and you are able to run.

    @polskagirl01 Great run! Love the pictures of the varied landscapes you ran though.

    Nice going @Teresa502 ! I've noticed you're running more hills lately. Is there a hilly race in your future, or just something you are adding into your repertoire?

    Love the shoe porn @skippygirlsmom .

    Golf and running....nice @Tramboman .

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    Thanks @quilteryoyo

    Hi @WandaVaughn glad you are back. Glad your daughter go out with her children.

    Welcome new folks!
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    Welcome back @WandaVaughn ! It's good news that your daughter had the strength to get herself and her children out of that situation. Many people don't. Glad you remembered that running is good for the soul. You'll be more than ready for the 10K by September!