At Goal & Successfully Maintaining. So Why Am I Doing This All Over Again?



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    BL logged an hour fitness class using the MFP “add exercise” function. MFP calculated 794 calories burned. Huh?!

    Adding a Tai Chi class was good for 450+.

    No way, Jose. I’ve done that class with him many times and I can’t see it.

    I think this explains some of the puzzlingly super high calorie burns reported by some of my MFP friends on their automated feeds.

    MFP is set up for you to eat your exercise calories back. Many users buffer reporting errors by eating half of them. But if your exercise calories are wonky, you can see the problem.

    If you feel like you’ve plateaued or aren’t losing fast enough, take a look at your calorie burns and ask here on the forums or one of your trusted, more experienced “friends” if the calorie burn looks accurate. You can PM any linked friend if you’re too shy to ask publicly. The other users here are so good about answering and sharing.

    Better yet, invest in a fitness tracker. There’s tons out there at all price points, or you can buy used ones off Marketplace, etc. Borrow one from a friend or family member and give it a test run.

    It’s pretty easy to connect and sync a tracker with MFP and let technology do the work* for you.

    We are waiting for the Apple Watch 7 launch in a couple weeks to see how we’ll add to and shuffle our trackers. (Holding our breath to to see if the rumored sugar monitoring will finally be a reality.)

    BL has pooh-pooh’ed the value of a tracker until now (he’s silently muttered “obsessive” under his breath at me more than once). Now he “gets” the value of accurately recording his calories.

    (*some trackers require a break-in period to sorta learn your metabolism and habits before they become as potentially accurate as they may be. That’s my simple explanation.

    Oh, and you’ll also discover trackers generally report far fewer calories than the calculators built into gym equipment. My own watch records 1/3 fewer calories burned than the treadmill at my gym, even when I do take the time to enter my age and weight prior to starting a session. My watch even calculates about 20% less than my own home stationary bike, which has been exclusively used by me.)
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    awesome job mr spring!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Brief thread diversion since I have your attention, lol. I mentioned this in passing to a friend earlier this morning, and it’s worth sharing.

    Do you (or an older relative) have an Apple Watch? Have you enabled fall detection? It automatically calls 911 if it detects a fall and detects no further movement, and you don’t then respond to a chime.

    My neighbor passed out in the bathroom and bashed her head on the counter as she fell. Her husband was astonished to find EMS at the door. He didn’t even know she’d fallen.

    Her watch saved her life.

    If she’d had one of those “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” necklaces, it wouldn’t have helped. The necklaces require you to physically hit the button.

    The Apple service is part of the watch features, so no monthly subscription fee required.

    Wow! Technology!!!!

    You can enable fall detection via the Apple Watch app on your phone, under the “emergency SOS” tab.
    I hope your neighbor is going to be okay! Yes, this is a great technology!

    I bought this watch for my mom when she started getting dotty, and it was set to notify me and 911 if she fell, but for some reason every time she fell it didn’t go off - she seems to have decided to store her pen under her watch band or something? Plus she could never manage to read it as a watch because she would always touch something and mess up the settings somehow. Anyway it’s a great idea but not necessarily for people with early stage dementia, because they are endlessly creative in how to eff up technology.

    So we ended up regifting it to my husband. It was very helpful to him in allowing him to manage his pvcs, by letting him see that he wasn’t actually dying, just having pvcs. Having the ability to do a one lead ekg in your own living room is pretty cool. If you know someone who tends to have episodes of atrial fib, this watch would be a great idea.
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    @springlering62 I also started my dh a few years ago on MFP. He still logs but doesn't weigh everything like he should. My was really easy to log a recipe or help him log something because we made his name similar to mine & we had the same password, & both were open to friends, so I could jump back & forth between the 2 really easy. It helps a lot when finding something new & I am probably better at picking the right calories for it. And try to emphasize that he needs to eat exercise calories..that is something my dh wouldn't do & I think it has hurt him. (maybe I "helped" him a little too much, lol)
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    ….And try to emphasize that he needs to eat exercise calories..that is something my dh wouldn't do & I think it has hurt him. (maybe I "helped" him a little too much, lol)

    Ha. you beat me to it. That post is coming soon.

    I never in my wildest dreams expected to have to nag him TO eat.
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    How many lbs (and inches if you know - looks like a lot!).
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    Just a note: SOME fallen and I can't get up services DO come with automatic fall detection and a call back from the service to which you have to respond in at least a partially coherent manner for the alarm to be cancelled .