Women 200lb+, Let's Have An UnBOOlievable October!!!



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    SW: 125kg/276lbs
    UGW: 60kg/132lbs

    Total loss: 8kg/18lbs

    Oct 2: 117kg/258lbs
    Oct 7:
    Oct 14:
    Oct 21:
    Oct 28:

    Total loss: 0kg
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    Friday Weigh-in:
    Age: 58
    Ht.: 5'3"
    My highest weight ever was 221 a few years ago.
    SW: 205. (7/5/21)
    Last week's weight: 196.6
    CW: 194
    GW for end of October: Under 188
    UGW: Under 150

    @RavenStCloud thank you again so much for this safe place! I didn't make my September goal so I'm setting a little easier goal for October (secretly hoping to get to what I'd really like to set as a goal) I'm hoping that the cooler weather will motivate me to start walking on my lunch hour again.
    Hoping everyone on here has a wonderful, successful week!!!
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    Happy October everyone!
    I'm looking forward to a hard earned win this month! How about you?

    Age: 38 (Almost 39!)

    Starting weight: 250
    Heaviest weight: 252
    Goal weight: 140 (for now - that may change down the road)

    10-1-21: 241

    October goal weight: 235 (This is how much I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant)

    Last month ended with me doing a lot of self reflection. I found myself standing at a crossroad and having to make a decision. I started with a small choice, and decided that the excuse, "I'll start again tomorrow" was no longer allowed. Since then I've had a few revelations.

    First I realized that if I'm going to do this, I need to make small, gradual changes that I can sustain. It started with no more excuses to be "bad" (I'll start again tomorrow.) That's been pretty easy to handle. I decided to add something a little more challenging to it: not eating after 8:00 at night. I'm a late night snacker. Correction - I was a late night snacker. I estimated that some nights I would consume thousands of calories in the late hours of the evening. I had to give that up - so I did. It's been hard because my habit of eating is tricking me into thinking I need to eat, but I've been able to resist it so far. My only indulgence is a frozen fruit bar, which is less than 100 calories. If I can keep that I'll be a happy gal.

    My second realization was that if I put in the work, the results will show. I can see my ankles now! I'm not gonna lie, I was hoping I'd first see the weight loss in my face (three chins is too many lol) but I'll take a little sexy leg action instead. I'm also down 2 inches, almost 3, around my stomach. Oh that feels so good! The results are coming and they will show.

    My third realization was that it took me 20 years to gain 82 pounds. It will not take me 20 years to lose that weight, plus another 30. I'm giving myself two years. That's such a small portion of time in the grand scheme of life. If I can gain for 20, I can surely lose for 2.

    My fourth and final realization was that I can do this and I want to do this. It hit me when I was in the grocery store. I had to pick up some things to make apple pies for my church. I grabbed what I needed and then, by default, walked around the corner to the cookie aisle. I scanned to see what was on sale that I could take home and eat. Then it hit me. I had done this so often that it became a habit. That made me sick to my stomach. I walked away and never gave those cookies another consideration. They just aren't worth it because in the end, I want to be healthy more than I want to be like this. Don't get me wrong - I'm not giving up my sweets, but I'm not buying them to bring them into my home either. I'll happily have a cookie or a slice of cake at a party. That's enough for me until I get to the point that I can moderate.

    So all that being said - I'm going into October feeling much better than I did in September. I decided to keep my goal for the month simple, mainly for the purpose of habit forming. I'll add a new goal each month until I'm where I need to be. One task at a time, one pound at a time, one victory at a time.

    October weight goal: Get down to 235 pounds - my weight when I was 9 months pregnant with my son

    October habit goal: No eating after 8:00 at night

    P.S. - Sorry for the novella!

    Great realisations there. You're doing great :) keep it up. Very inspiring thank you
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    40 y/o 6’0” SW 277.7
    10/1 245.6

    October goal weight: 238
    Ultimate goal weight: 185(ish)

    My non-scale goals:

    🎃 Exercise every day
    🎃 Stay in deficit
    🎃 Remember that I'm seeking progress, not perfection, and that one "bad" meal/day doesn't need to turn into a habit.

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    @patriciafoley1 - I will have to look for those Pumpkin Spice Shredded wheat, that sounds yummy!!! Thanks for the idea
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    Height: 5'2"
    Age: 30
    SW: 252.8 (11/13/2020)
    CW: 210.0 (9/26/2021)
    10/2: 210.4
    GW for October: 205
    GW for 2021: 196
    UGW: 144 end of 2022

    Inauspicious start to the month for sure, but I'm pretty sure that's water/food in transit; this week has been a bit carb-heavy, what with the baked oatmeal for breakfast and barley for lunch. Next week's lunch is chicken salad, so that'll be considerably more proteinous. Haven't decided yet if breakfast is burritos or a baked oatmeal bar, I have enough of either for the week, but I think making a batch of each some weekend would be eminently doable and then breakfast is sorted for 4 weeks.

    Today's walk/hike took me out to one of the first natural areas established in my county. I did the math and to walk the entire set of trails would be a round trip of about 9 miles and change; I was planning to just walk down the first trail, maybe to where it forks into a loop, and turn around, which would only be about 3 or 4 miles. Today, though, the trail was flooded about a mile in, so I just did that out and back. I also walked down a short paved trail to a covered observation platform that had a nice view of the marsh and scrub surrounding. Apparently the water can be almost knee deep in some places on the trail; clearly I'll need to invest in some different footwear or something for the next time I come here. I have a pair of Timberland workboots that are at least waterproof, although they aren't *great* for hiking in (very heavy) and they only have a 6" shank so I'd still be SOL if the water is deeper.
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    @Renewed2021 Sounds like you are definitely on the right track with what makes you tick, and the decision you want to make to change that.
    @Deanner03 I love the "progress not perfection" I going to need to borrow that 😉
    @roz0810 Grats!
    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 (((hugs))) Hang in there, and also I wish you mad ninja skills to sneak up on some very low key exercise action. Slow motion maybe? Ninja definitely!!
    @goal06082021 I had to walk in my gardening wellies. They actually did the job during the thunderstorm! So while they aren't really hiking boots, the thing is wet shoes/boots are no fun when you have to walk through some real moving water. The water was definitely above my ankles at a few places. I highly recommend them though. My feet were dry, and didn't hurt. They would have hurt in wet shoes due to water rub.
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    @justanotherloser007 Oh for sure, wet shoes and socks are the worst. Historically I haven't been able to find boots that fit around my calves, though. I need either something waterproof or something quick-drying - any way you slice it, my Asics and cotton socks ain't it. I wish they'd just put in a little bridge or something at the point on the trail where I had to turn around - there's a permanent sign there and everything, it's a known flood point/high water crossing.
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    @wanderinglight I am horrible at hitting my fiber as well, and I really want to increase it this month. What is Psyllium Husk? Is it like Metamucil?
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    lmgoff232 wrote: »
    @wanderinglight I am horrible at hitting my fiber as well, and I really want to increase it this month. What is Psyllium Husk? Is it like Metamucil?

    Metamucil is made up of about 80% Psyllium Husk. Basically PH is a soluble fiber and (this may be TMI but I don't have any problems talking about poop) it wasn't until I started drinking it that I sort of understood how it all works. The husks form a sort of gel if it sits in water too long, so you have to drink it right away. But this gel is what works to kinda sweep everything out, gently. I opted to just get the psyllium husk because I didn't want the added sugar or fake sugar in Metamucil. Some people use it in baking but I'm not eating too many sweets at the moment and would rather save my calories for a warm chocolate cookie :)

    Anyway! I dissolve a teaspoon of it in water and add a splash of juice (or squeeze of lemon, but personally I prefer a bit of Naked Juice or any of the green juices). Then you just get it down.

    I looked up the capsules too, but you have to take so many of them to get even 5g of fiber in that it wasn't worth it.

    This is the brand I got:
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    @wanderinglight Thank you!!! Your tips are super helpful. Will give it a try 😀