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    190 pound weight loss between my brother and I! Feel free to add, looking for more friends on here 🙂1jqezhxbxmyd.jpeg

    Wow, you guys looked so sweet in your before, and still do, but my niece, who looks to be about your age, all thinks you're a couple o' hotties, now -- lovely inside and out! Well, done, and BRAVO!
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    I am so blown away by all of the effort and strength that has gone into these transformations! So damn, inspiring!
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    Hit my goal today!!! From 182 to 124!!! For the first time in my life I’ve figured out what moderation is! 😁


    You look amazing. Outstanding job. Congratulations
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    Great success photos! I can't seem to get mine to post here and can't delete the comment for some reason.
    Anywho if any ladies want to add me as a friend on here, I do have a few before and after weight loss pictures posted. I liked looking at success stories when I began this journey so I'm happy to share with anyone who is in that same boat!
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    You go, @CoolT21 !!!