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    Machka - you look pretty in pink today...
    Tomorrow should be a bit warmer up in the 30s
    I feel so bad for my daughter she has an itchy rash on her stomach they think from.a scrub they used when they did the c section it is driving her batty she cant take benadryl because she is nursing so she put a call into the Dr and they might put her on antibiotics
    Miles ia doing well.. she is waking him up every 3 hrs to get him on a schedule.
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    Machka -- you look so pretty. I love your new glasses and your pink! Your hair looks a slightly different color, too. So summery.

    Willamette Valley, OR
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    Worked today then went with Vince for his allergy shot, returned my Sleep Study and then stopped at the Salvation Army. I swear, Vince needs to make his allergy appt. on another day, it’s so crowded at the Salvation Army because it’s senior day. Ceramics tonight

    krwest….. - please give us a name you’d like to be called! My son-in-law’s mother has scleroderma. I would be very interested in how you are. Oh, and welcome!

    Ordered some ceramic paint. This was the ONLY place I could find that had one certain color. Actually, the gal at our ceramics place asked me to get some for her.

    Going to try to get as much done at work tomorrow so that it’s sort-of easy for me Thurs. I have a dentist appt. I’ll go in early, do as much as I can, then go to the dentist, back to finish the prep. I’ll wrap up extra cheese and peel the onions (won’t slice them, just peel them).

    Rita – great that insurance paid for a FitBit

    M – you look lovely

    Annie DE – you go girl!

    Michele NC
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    :)Allie, Maybe the best gift you can give your daughter and her family is to get rested, reach out to Carmine, and wait to find out what Tracy needs and then buy it for her.

    <3 Barbie
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    Thank you for all the nice comments avout being a good grandma..im sure trying..
    I did twxt Tracy and she sent me a picture of the little guy smiling in his careseat,they took him to the pediatrician for his first appointment just to make sure he us gaining weight and he is,so he doesnt have to go back for 2 weeks..
    I didnt know what to order them for a new baby gift, so i ordered what is called a shusher.. and should help him sleep.
    Hopefully they like it,and I ordered Tracy nursing shirts

    we always referred to my son's pacifier as a shusher-(because it would shush him up ;) )- he HAD to have that thing all the time.
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    Machka -- you look so pretty. I love your new glasses and your pink! Your hair looks a slightly different color, too. So summery.

    Willamette Valley, OR

    Thank you! I've been blonding my hair a bit for summer. :)
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  • Katla49
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    Machka - You look lovely! Pink is a wonderful color for you. 💕
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    Chose well: 142.2, Joe, readings, BP, SWSY, osteo back, dogs to powerline, CI<CO, CI<250<CO, H20x6, steps >7400, mfp50+.
    Bonus: Post Office, BiMart, Grocery Outlet, bequest and firehouse emails.
    Workin’ on it:
    Happier January 2022
    12: Connect with someone near you, share a smile or a chat.

    Funny how Jeopardy walking to make step goal improves my mood and miraculously brings CI under CO.

    Kylia would you remind me what you’re making for your GD’s graduation gift?
    Machka sorry your doctor didn’t advise you of the plan to leave private practice, nor the backup’s plan to take a sabbatical year. Glad you were able to get the prescription renewed by another Dr. there and good luck finding a replacement GP. Do you have a glittery color? Platinum or rose gold?
    Heather thanks for the Penny update, sorry to hear of her parents’ decline. A duvet day sounds like just the thing. “Fired myself”? Ring a ding DING! And the quality of my work was sub-par.
    Kelly thankful your C-19 tests were negative. Excellent advice to Allie and appropriate reminder to me for other situations. Thanks!
    Annie, thought I was the only one with that obit ;) If you can do 2 mins on the elliptical, you can dance for 2 mins too. ;) Brava for the good writing day.
    Welcome @krwestlund7 Kelly W! Thank you for answering the call, pastors are in short supply.
    Pip “… like Brad Pitt and George Clooney…” LOL!
    Lisa hard to not be angry at previous VA GP, especially when his reluctance postponed needed treatment. How about a big blast o’ wrath :rage:… then let go? A counselor once suggested I take an empty paper towel roll and beat and bash an inantimate object for a full minute (or more) to release some long held anger/pain. The cozy up with Egg and the fireplace ;)
    Allie it can be emotionally hard when daughters do things so differently from their moms.
    Katla good luck at the DDS! Joe went yesterday, dentist could find nothing wrong with the tooth that bothered him, but yes, found a “little cavity” on a different tooth [sigh].
    Rita :love: your tricorder. Is your trip still on?
    Rebecca also always good to see Athena’s sweet face.
    Ginny “just a” gym routine is a very very good thing. Hope all the appointments go well.
    Flea’s right, “summery” was the word that popped into my mind at Machka’s pic.
    Michele good luck to you too at the DDS.
    Debbie thanks, didn’t know what a “shusher” was.

    Margaret, Beth, Cheri, Tina, Terry, Kate, Karen, Mary, Sue, always good to see your smiling faces.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    So far this week, all I've felt like doing when I come home in the evening is colouring.

    I guess that's one of my forms of "meditation".

    I have heaps to do. My house is like a hurricane went through with Christmas stuff still up, stuff I'm bringing home from work, plants I want to plant in the garden etc. I'm battling a massive onslaught of emails. My To Do list is growing. Just added "Find new doctor" to the list.

    But all I want to do is colour.

    What colour should I colour Joy? :)


    M in Oz