What do your meals look like (show me pictures)....



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    Ate dinner at True Food Kitchen:edu0mbxkcrxo.jpg
    Added chicken.

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    Primo of linguine with pesto. Pesto was made on the weekend to use up a big bag Thai basil that was in danger of spoiling. Two servings of pesto went into the freezer. A starter of 50g of dried pasta per person is the right size for a starter in our household. Secondo of baked hake crusted with panko breadcrumbs mixed with a puree of garlic, preserved lemon, tapenade and olive oil. I brushed some yoghurt onto the fish so the breadcrumb mixture would stick before air frying 10 minutes. Contorno of roasted button mushrooms I air fried on the weekend and warmed up in the microwave tonight.
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    This was actually from the weekend as I'm not currently cooking ... for reasons. :D

    This was from a hotel restaurant that I expected to be mediocre at best as they often are. Instead it was an excellent meal. Bison carpaccio, shrimp & grits and a rare dessert for me of chocolate old fashioned which was a mousse with cherry orange jelly, brown butter crumble, bourbon caramel. The dessert was sweeter than I like so I didn't quite finish it.



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    Duck taco night.
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    Posters: Would love to see more of your meals!
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    salmon, spicy green beans, rice.
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    Boiled artichokes followed by asian fish and chips. The tempura fish and courgette were done in the air fryer. Harden wet batter in a non stick pan, which can be done a few hours in advance. When you want to eat, crisp up in the air fryer for 10 minutes. It's easiest to add a little oil to the tempura batter, so you don't need to oil the skillet. Chips were air fried underneath the fish and courgettes. I added a couple of slices of courgette to sop up leftover tempura batter.

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    Chicken and sugar snap stir fry, Chinese steamed aubergine salad, rice.
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    My anemia is kicking my *kitten* this week so I’ve only cooked once: tofu, Alfredo, and grapes.