Write just 1 tip which triggered your weight loss.



  • Rsrs35
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    When I stopped eating at 8 PM and only started eating min 12 hours later (not earlier).

    And eating meals at the right time of the day to keep from getting too hungry/full
  • soldodunja2910
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    I don’t know. I guess it was just time. A few years ago I gained 30 lbs on antidepressants and lost some of it but it was not fit. I was just sort of a normal weight. After my dog died I started gaining weight again and I didn’t want to keep gaining weight so I started excircisng regularly. It was like hell at first lol. But I was seeing results so that kept me motivated . Now this summer, I’m fixing my diet so I can feel really great about myself , because even tough I got that excercise habit I was regularly overeating but making excuses, oh it’s cause I work out (I need more food) etc. since joining fitness pal and doing regular food journaling I feel so much healthier and not constantly bloated! I was even diagnosed with hashimotos disease a few years ago so I need to watch my diet
  • ValeriePlz
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    What triggered my weight loss journey was when I stepped on the scale and underestimated my weight gain. I went form 125 to 170 Ibs. I didn't want to reach 200 so I decided on that day to exercise and eat right.

    This was my reason for initially losing the first 35-40 lb. I finally got to the last 5-10 lb. by approaching age 40 and realizing I'd been trying to lose those last few pounds for several years.
  • justanotherloser007
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    Lent. Best reason ever! I actually started doing a traditional Catholic Lent, pre 1850 (evidently Fathers starting giving in to their wining children on "please don't make Lent so strict this year" I mean, like every parent ever with who has had whiny kids) Once Lent was over, and I had made some real dig deep changes, then I thought, "Maybe I CAN do this."
  • shockbishop
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    It's weird, I ate like crazy and still didn't hit my calorie limit. There must have been some hidden things in there like late night sweat tea, maybe our "party night with pizza" or perhaps some snacks. The first day I ate regular for a baseline, came up short on calories.....yesterday I was aware, not hungry and came up 600 calories short!!

    I think awareness is key to my weight loss
  • AJBusjahn
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    Approximately 2016 I worked night shift in a very sedentary job. Ate all night to stay awake. Also had a pregnant wife who plated me like she was eating. I hit 195. Sitting at work one night I wondered what's this thing in my lap. It was my gut. Winded climbing a flight of stairs. Our apostle called a church wide 21 day fast. I made it 14 days on just water and coffee. Lost 30+ pounds (highly unrecommended). From there I started tracking everything I ate and used that as a springboard to revamp my eating.
  • Zinka61
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    For me, planning balanced meals ahead and not snacking between meals--When I was free to eat at any time, I was constantly thinking about what I could eat next and spending way too much time thinking about food. I'd use up my calories during the day, get too little dinner, and then binge at night. This works way better for me.
  • Decoy152
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    Eliminating sugar altogether.