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    Saw Moderna might have an updated booster later this year. 🙏🙏
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    Regarding a fourth shot, here are the factors that matter to me.

    - It will stimulate a short term flood of antibodies that peak in ~2 weeks. If I had an international trip or another occasion where I want extra protection, I would get the 4th shot a couple weeks before that. DH took our daughter to Europe and didn't want to be stuck abroad if he got sick, so he got the 4th shot before departing. I'm still waiting.
    - Studies indicate less incremental T/B-cell training (the long term protection) with more frequent successive shots of the same booster. So waiting a year between boosters (of the same formulation) stimulated better training than waiting 4 months.
    - mRNA makers have developed vaccines targeted specifically each of the major variants, but many factors contributed to not doing the translation from lab to clinic. It is a long and expensive process, and much depends on the FDA. AFAIK, from a public health messaging and confusion perspective, the FDA doesn't want new vaccines for every variant but if one were to emerge that was deadly and evaded the current vaccines, a new formulation could be worth the translational investment. If there were a new formulation approved, I would get that jab.
    Saw Moderna might have an updated booster later this year. 🙏🙏

    I'm a hermit and have no events where I'd want extra protection for the next few months so think I will wait for an updated booster.
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    I am glad that for most folks these new variants spreading are not serious but more like the flu (which no one wants either!) but what is surprising to me is the changes in the CDC and other viewpoints. We have a weekly review at work and the # of cases the past 3 weeks would have put us in significant LOCKDOWN and masking if they had happened a year ago. Not as bad as the Dec/Jan original Omicron spikes but pretty durn close. So I guess it's all relative. I am sure the case load is understated in the county due to self testing.

    Meanwhile I keep hoping they will release the dual moderna vaccine booster soon... looks promising from recent reports I read yesterday.
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    I had my 2nd Moderna Booster over a month ago...and got sick with covid 2 weeks ago. Fairly sure i was exposed to it by a repairperson in our house, as it was in the 'weak' time after the booster. Slept for nearly 24 hours after getting sick. Then it was a matter of muscle pain, joint pain, headache, congestion, runny/stuffy nose, fevers, trouble breathing (especially when bent over), fatigue, lightheadedness, diarrhea, coughing...basically everything but loss of taste/smell. Took 4-5 days to feel human, 9 days to feel okay enough to work remotely, and 2 weeks to feel okay physically. (That was this weekend.) But I'm still dealing with coughing, and some fatigue. Will I take another booster if it is offered? Yes. And I hope I don't get sick again. Will be wearing a mask in public and stay out of indoor restaurants. (Trying to sell our house in a different state, and we're staying in a nearby hotel occasionally.)

    I haven't didn't suffer nearly as much or for as long and I'm completely unvaccinated. I only got COVID for the first time a month ago, it was bad for a couple of days and then I was fine. Everyone I know who has been jabbed suffered worse and has had more infections. I'm wondering why you would get another booster? There is a school of thought that this constant stream of boosters are doing more harm than good.
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    I have been able to avoid Covid for so long, but always knew it was a question of when and not if I would get it. I am vaccinated and boosted, but have been working a lot of hours. It's been spreading around work like wildfire, and I am a manager, so I noticed in call offs that there has been a lot in the past week or so.

    I had strong symptoms this morning and tested positive on a home test. Having type 1 diabetes doesn't seem to help, but being vaccinated does. Also I am fortunate that I was able to hold off until weaker strains. I called my insurance company's 24/7 nurse line and they suggested I go to the ER based on symptoms. I think they always make the most extreme suggestions. I'm going to urgent care for a proper test (need for work) and to get a more reasonable recommendation.

    There are treatments that can help keep you out of the hospital, but you need to take them early. Will the urgent care facility be able to give them to you? It may be why the nurse suggested the ER.
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    I have seen a huge lack of concern of Covid being a thing anymore. Even I've slacked off from wearing a mask in the stores, or anywhere else. :( But it's still very much around. My nephew and his family travelled several states away, by car, to attend a family event. Out of 10 people, 7 experienced Covid symptoms or tested positive. And it's just such a strange phenomenon, out of the 4 people in his immediate family, all of them had some symptoms(obviously some worse than others) but as far as testing positive or negative throughout that period, it seemed very sporadic. No wonder there is still so much confusion 'out there'.

    Someone that my sister works with, brought her dd to work one day because her dd was sick and she had no one to care for her. I asked if she was tested and my sister said no, the mom said it was just a cold. Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn't. :/ On one hand, I thought it irresponsible to bring a sick child to work where there are many people and some of them elderly. But OTOH, would testing be accurate anyways??

    I stopped wearing masks for the most part everywhere. Yes it's still a concern but people are tired.