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    Tracey ~ M's glasses and M are sooo Cute!

    Carol in GA
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    It's cool and rainy out there today, so any additional exercise we do will involve going downstairs.

    Machka in Oz

    We did go downstairs.

    I rowed, lifted weights and did several of my Pilates exercises.

    Machka in Oz
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    Almost there!

    Also, somehow I hadn't realised we were quite that close to the end of September!

    Machka in Oz
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    Morning ladies
    Im here with Mr Miles
    And even though I slept well ladt night,this boy has been on the move and im beat.
    Mom will be home by 12:30 and then I'll go get Homer out and go stop at Verizon and figure out this phone..
    Im holding off a few more weeks for the flu and covid vaccines ,just so they hold me through the season..
    My friend Susan is on a bus trip from Connecticut and they just arrived at the ferry to take them to Mackinac Island Michigan..
    I would love to take one of those kind of tours but will have to wait a few years until Miles is in preschool.
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    jam0525 wrote: »
    Hello everyone!
    I used to post here years ago and just now finally found the thread again. Looking forward to getting to know everybody here and reconnecting with some old friends that still post here.

    Jeannie from Edgewood New Mexico

    :)<3 I am so happy to see you posting with us again. I have missed you.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    dlfk202000 wrote: »
    lawn is mowed, veggies picked from the garden- hit my 10K steps, just need to do another 1/2 mile to hit 5 miles for the day. Pretty good for a day I was planning on not walking at all.

    Was getting a little snacky-(not really hungry but wanted to eat something) so ate a big cucumber and a tomato that I just picked.
    A bit too early for dinner for me. If I eat this early, I will for sure be snacking before bed time.
    Dh is coming home at 8 from his mom's then going to work at 3AM- need to get to sleep before he does so I can sleep and not have to hear the snoring or I will be on the couch until he leaves.

    Do you use ear plugs?

    We both need to and I find mine great for blocking out all sorts of noise. My husband can snore (with his head in the opposite corner from me in our sleeping room), Rhody can meow, kids can be dropped off by all the driving parents at the nearby school, and I hear nothing!

    My eye mask also helps ... blocks any light that might disturb me.

    M in Oz

    I need to find better ear plugs- the ones I have are not good enough- barely block any sound out
    what kind do you have??
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Friday --

    Nerve conduction test in my legs and feet. Evidently my nerves appear reasonably good but I may have lost some function in the nerves we're most concerned about.

    About 6 months ago, the tops of my feet, and up the outer sides of my legs to my knees started going numb when cycling longer distances, when running, and when walking longer distances. They also go numb at other times too, at least once a day. And it's not just that those areas are numb, there's also this sharp pins and needles thing going on in places too which is rather uncomfortable.

    The thinking now is that it is the superficial peroneal nerve, possibly being pinched at the knee. Why? We're not sure yet. I will want an MRI to check my knees. That's one of the few areas I haven't had MRI'd in recent months. But the suggestion has been made that I may have a cyst in there somewhere.

    I also want my brain cyst MRI'd again. I have a choroid fissure cyst in the vicinity of my left temporal lobe which was 14 mm in diameter back in November 2018, but it hasn't been looked at since. It's probably a long shot, that it could be causing issues, but you never know.

    Plus did a bit of shopping.

    Among other things, we picked up another hebe plant because ours died this winter. :(

    It's cool and rainy out there today, so any additional exercise we do will involve going downstairs.

    My husband is transitioning between two epilepsy medications which is (I think) having a detrimental effect on his movement, balance, mood, etc.

    Machka in Oz

    I get the numbness/tingling/needle pokes in my thigh when I walk some times- thinking it is sciatica. Only goes to my knee and doesn't happen too often.
    I hope you get some relief. It really is a strange feeling

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    Pretty sunset at a neighbors

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    teklawa1 wrote: »
    :) Thank you all for the hugs. How do you check if your "do not disturb" is on? I have an iPhone.
    Betsy in NW WA

    mine is not an IPhone so not sure if it will be the same but on the pull down screen on mine(where the flash light and airplane mode are, there is one that says Do Not Disturb. Mine has gotten bumped without me knowing- took a while to figure out what was wrong with it. Now I make sure to check it.
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    My sister, her daughter (my niece) and I playing.💖👍🏻
    In Vancouver WA with Athena, son and daughter inlaw

    Very Purdy pics of u